DIY & Crafts: Say Goodbye to a Tangled Life: 13 DIY Earphone Holders!

Commuting to work, driving with public transportation, walking around town, cleaning the house … all of these situations call for some good music! Earphones have become one of the most essential items to have with us but their downside is how quickly they get tangled. Untangling them is an aggravating process, one that takes time we usually don’t want to waste. If you keep your earphones safely stored in a special container, you’ll avoid the problem of tangling altogether! Check out these 13 DIY earphone holders and find your chosen one!

1. Mint Earphone Holder 


You don’t need much to make an earphone holder – a simple mint container will suffice!  Once you have eaten all of the mints, the upgraded container will serve as a safekeeping place for your precious earphones! See the whole process at Giggles Galore!

2. Kinder Surprise Earphone Holders 


We’ll happily take any excuse to buy the Kinder Surprise eggs! Eat the delicious chocolate, take the toy out of the plastic eggshells and visit 2 Cats & 1 Doll to see how you can transform the shells into unique and adorable earphone holders!

3. Starbucks Earphone Holder 


Speaking of 2 Cats & 1 Doll, they have a tutorial for another earphone holder that is perfect for coffee addicts who love to venture into Starbucks every day, headphones in their ears, listening to good music as they wait for their giant cup of pumpkin latte.

4. Oreo Earphone Holder


The Oreo obsession is nowhere near over and how could it be when the cookies are so delicious! If you are a known Oreo lover you need earphone holders that honor your love of the best cookies in the world. Check out how Fimo Kawaii Emotions made an earphone holder that looks exactly like the famous snack!

5. Leather Earphone Holders 


If you want your earphone holders to be simple and classy, not the center of attention but beautiful enough to match your elegant style, Yahoo News shares a tutorial for lovely leather earphone holders that are very simple to make and convenient to carry around!

6. Hama Beads Earphone Holder


Hama beads continue to surprise us with their versatility. You can make a colorful and innovative earphone holder using Hama beads and some glue! This is one of those project that won’t take much of your time but will save you from growing gray hair when you’re on the go and need your untangled earphones. Budget Babe has the details!

7. Modern Keychain Earphone Holder 


We love projects that result in an item with more uses than just one. Monsters Circus presents an earphone holder with a chic modern look, but it also doubles as a keychain or a tiny pouch. If you are trying to avoid hoarding items in your purse, this earphone holder is a fantastic option!

8. Upcycled Bottle Earphone Holder 


Upcycling contributes to a greener planet. Instead of tossing plastic bottles away you can make something new from them and so give them a fresh purpose. They are a very useful crafting material and Suart86‘s upcycled bottle earphone holder is a great example of that!

9. Disney Earphone Holders 


No matter how old we get, we’re never too old to dote on Disney cartoons and their beloved characters. Antje DIY shares the tutorial for Disney themed earphone holders, giving you a chance to finally store your earphones within the most adorable holders imaginable!

10. Tic Tac Earphone Holder 


When you’ve finished the little container of Tic Tacs, think twice before you throw it away. My Crazy Good Life knows how to turn it into a unique earphone holder in just a few steps, proving how affordable even the most creative ideas can be!

11. Clothespin Earphone Holder


This is easily one of the simplest projects in this roundup, especially if you buy the   clothespins that already fit your idea of charming. If not, you’ll only have to decorate or paint them a bit and then visit Neat House Sweet Home to see how two clothespins can become a marvelous earphone holder.

12. Cardboard Earphone Holders 


Fancy materials may draw you closer when you think of crafting, but sometimes you don’t need more than a mere cardboard! Check out Happy Kona4U‘s take on a DIY earphone holder made from a cardboard and some elegant beads!

13. Button Earphone Holder 


Are you wishing for an earphone holder that is small in size but still keeps your earphones safe from tangling? Do Crafts has a lovely fabric earphone holder that closes with a button and keeps your earphones safely stored without taking up much space in your purse!

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