DIY & Crafts: Sparkling Wonders: Dazzling and Mesmerizing DIY Geodes 

Crystals and geodes are a very popular choice of home decor. We can understand the fascination, as the dazzling crystalized surface almost looks out of this world. The colors are completely captivating and every piece is one of a kind. The real geodes can get très pricey, but luckily you have plenty of mesmerizing DIY geodes to choose from down below!

1. Geode Bath Bombs 


We can honestly never get tired of bath bombs! They are such an incredible invention it makes the bath time routine a million times more fun. The Makeup Dummy has a tutorial for geode bath bombs that will make you feel like royalty, bathing in a sea of crystals!

2. Faux Amethyst 


Out of all the crystals, amethyst is currently the most popular one. Amethyst sculptures are a recognizable decor piece and unless your friends have a trained eye when it comes to geodes, they won’t be able to tell that your amethyst sculpture is in fact a DIY project from Craftberry Bush!

3. Edible Geode 


Edible geode? Sign us up! The only thing better than looking at a colorful crystal piece is biting into it and tasting a sweet flavor. Fellow foodies will understand our deep necessity to turn everything into a snack, including geodes. Find out how you can make the most realistic edible geode at Instructables!

4. Eggshell Geode 


You can grow your own geode around an eggshell! You may think egg shells are too fragile for that, but if you follow the instructions at Letterbox Lab you’ll soon be able to decorate your home with stunning and captivating geodes, courtesy of your own creativity!

5. Concrete Geode 


A handmade concrete geode is a decor piece that will stay in your family forever. It’s an exceptional creation that beautifully embodies the crystal consistency and captivating colors of a geode. No other decor piece could ever rival it! Find out all the details at Made by Barb.

6. Rose Quartz 


Rose quartz is said to be the crystal of love and as such a very popular piece to keep inside your home. The rosy color has a charming and calming effect, always reminding you of the power of love. Follow Visual Heart‘s tutorial for making a DIY rose quartz geode!

7. Polymer Clay Geode 


Open your big box of polymer clay because Ann Le has an unforgettable project for you! Out of all the things you’ve ever made from polymer clay, DIY geodes will surely be the most special ones! The end result looks incredibly realistic and also makes the perfect gift for any of your crystal loving friends!

8. Geode Dolphin 


The geodes are usually the center of attention, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your DIY geode only as a platform for another piece. Show off a charming little dolphin on a geode platform, creating a stunning decoration modeled after Sugar Charm Shop‘s example!

9. Geode Heart Cake Topper 


Cake is an important part of every celebration. Turn it into the superstar of the evening by decorating it with a unique and unexpected cake topper – a heart shaped DIY geode! Your guests will remember this cake for years to come, thanks to Sugar Geek Show‘s brilliant idea!

10. Geode Cake 


And speaking of cakes, if you really want to leave everybody speechless, turn the entire cake into a geode! The magnificent crystal surface will impress even the toughest guests, giving them the most unique dessert they’ve ever tasted! Get the recipe at Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio!

11. Geode Bath Salt 


Another way to bring geode into your bath time routine is through bath salts. They are a little less complex than the bath bombs, but equally as charming and striking! If you’ve been secretly wishing for a little more glamour in your life, the geode bath salts by The Makeup Dummy should do the trick!

12. Geode Soap 


Geode soap gives us mixed feelings because a part of us can’t wait to use it asap, but another part believes it’s almost too beautiful to be used! With that said, Micheals graciously shares the tutorial for these geode soap bars and once you run out of them you can always just make plenty more!

13. Geode Cookies 


Geode heart-shaped cookies can be a lovely surprise for someone dear to you! They will be in awe of your baking skills and sense of creativity. Don’t forget to take a million pictures of the stunning cookies and credit Wilton for the successful recipe!

14. Geode Paper Weights 


The way you decorate your office space can have a big impact on how you’ll perform at work. Your desk should only be filled with items you actually use and adore. If you need something to keep your papers in place, A Beautiful Mess can show you how to make dazzling geode paper weights!

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