DIY & Crafts: Stuck Inside During a Heat Wave? Make These 15 DIY Watermelon Crafts! 

When the temperatures rise to the point where it’s best to just stay inside during the hottest hours of the day, it’s good to keep yourself busy with some crafting! Watermelon happens to be one of the sweetest, most cooling fruits and is a perfect treat during unbearable heat. Why don’t you make some watermelon themed crafts as you’re munching on the sweet red fruit! You can choose among these 15 DIY watermelon crafts! 

1. Watermelon Tie Dye Tee 


A watermelon tank top is a wonderful way to celebrate summer and your favorite fruit! It has an uplifting look, thanks to the bright colors and unique style. You’ll be noticeable from far away! Sweet Lil You can teach you the secrets of this watermelon tie dye tee!

2. Mini Watermelon Bags 


Mini storage can always come in handy, either for carrying around only a few essentials or to be given as party favors to your guests at a summertime garden party! They’ll be even more special if you make them yourself and decorate them with tiny watermelons! Find instructions at Delineate Your Dwelling!

3. Watermelon Shorts 


Walk around town in brand new watermelon shorts that perfectly reflect your colorful personality, love of summertime and passion for watermelons! You can be the fashion designer of the day and make these shorts in just a few steps, following Boat People Vintage‘s how-to!

4. Watermelon Wrapping Paper 


Don’t settle for the store bought wrapping paper that always looks the same. The people that you are gifting deserve far better than that and they will appreciate you putting extra time and thought into their gift! Make a watermelon wrapping paper by Inner Child Fun‘s example!

5. Watermelon Soap 


Making your own soap is such a rewarding experience because you know exactly what went into it and you can always make something new! If you’re on the lookout for a DIY soap to stay with you throughout the summer, Crafts Unleashed has a lovely watermelon soap tutorial you can peek at!

6. Watermelon Candles 


Create a unique ambiance with watermelon candles that emphasize the joyfulness of this summer fruit but still allow the atmosphere to be calming and romantic. These candles are definitely one-of-a-kind, so don’t miss the instructions at Ann Le!

7. Watermelon Pillow Boxes 


Pillow boxes may be the cutest ways to present a birthday or anniversary gift! We’re obsessed with the ones we found at Sarah Hearts! If your friend or better half loves watermelons they will be pleasantly surprised when they see them decorating the little pillow box storing their gift!

8. Watermelon Paper Fans 


Summer parties are the best; there’s an abundance of cool drinks and summer themed snacks, but the heat can be a bit of a downside! Surprise your guests with handmade paper fans inspired by the greatest summertime fruit of all times! Damask Love has the details!

9. Watermelon Print Napkins 


When you’re photographing your fruit salads, watermelon bowls and homemade ice cream to be featured on Instagram, make sure you’re including these perfect watermelon print napkins into the snapshot! They are absolutely gorgeous and we all owe The Sweetest Occassion a big thank you for sharing them with us!

10. Watermelon Picnic Blanket 


Summer is the time of endless picnics. Memories that we make picnicking in a park surrounded by our best friends are those that will last a lifetime. But when it’s too hot to sit in a park all day you can still make a watermelon picnic blanket and test it the second the temperatures drop! Find the tutorial at The House That Lars Built!

11. Watermelon Boxes 


How to beautify regular cardboard boxes? Turn them into little watermelons! The sight of a square watermelon is one that A Joyful Riot has perfected! Every time you look at these bright boxes you’ll be able to tell their uplifting effect on the room’s decor!

12. Watermelon Serving Tray 


Serve the fresh fruit and a cold lemonade to your friends on a vibrant watermelon serving tray! It’s a memorable piece, one that will interest your friends and you may even get questioned about where you bought it. Tell them that Oh So Beautiful Paper helped you make it!

13. Watermelon Cupcake Decor 


It’s never too hot for cupcakes! Whip up some cupcakes during the heat wave and  take the inspiration for their decoration from Oh Happy Day‘s charming watermelon toppings! What a great way to honor summer as you serve these delicious cupcakes!

14. Watermelon Nail Art 


If you want your whole style to reflect your love of watermelons, your manicure needs to be a part of that! Just think of how amazingly these watermelon nails will go with the tank top and shorts we’ve featured above! The Crafted Life is your nail artist of the day!

15. Watermelon Purse 


Showing up with an innovative purse that can’t be bought in any store is a bold move and just the kind of thing a true trendsetter would do! If you are known to be the fashionista of your group, visit Mood Sewciety and learn all about this epic watermelon purse!

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