Accessories: Under my Umbrella: 12 DIY Ideas for Customizing Your Umbrella

Boring and monotonous umbrellas haven’t been an acceptable accessory in a long time! If you live in a place where it rains a lot throughout the year, you know how important it is to have a fancy umbrella that can match your style and contribute to it with its beauty and trendiness! If your own umbrella is long overdue for an upgrade, check out these 12 DIY ideas for customizing your umbrella!

1. Galaxy Umbrella 


If you are in awe of all things cosmic, this galaxy umbrella is the perfect one for you!  Opening this umbrella will feel like opening a window into a real galaxy! Somehow the gray rainy days won’t feel so depressing anymore – who could feel gloomy with a whole galaxy above their heads? Visit Pink Stripey Socks for the details!

2. Fruit Slice Umbrella 


Summer is the season of fruit and endless sunshine, but if those rare summer thunderstorms inspire you to make a fruit slice umbrella that you’ll be able to show off long after the warm temperatures have passed, we’re all for it! Check out Studio DIY to see how it’s done!

3. Vinyl Decorated Umbrella 


If you have a transparent umbrella and find it totally boring, let us assure you that you have an umbrella with endless possibilities for customizing! With a little help of vinyl you can decorate the umbrella with words and images of your choice! Inspiration Made Simple has the how-to!

4. Mushroom Umbrella 


Adorable little mushroom umbrellas are usually associated with children, as they are normally the ones jumping into big puddles with their rain boots while holding a bright red umbrella with big white dots. If your little one still doesn’t have a mushroom umbrella of their own, eHow has a great tutorial for it!

5. Dotted Umbrella 


An umbrella can definitely be stylish and trendy! Take this dotted umbrella by Nia Nicole as an example; the monochrome color gives it a chic look and the polka dots take the seriousness away and make it a fun accessory that pairs with any outfit!

6. Umbrella with Clouds 


Here’s another amazing way to upgrade a plain transparent umbrella! If your head is mostly in the clouds and you love watching the sky, Pars Caeli has a fantastic idea that you’ll definitely want to pursue! Make this adorable umbrella and enjoy watching the rainy clouds through it!

7. Painted Umbrella 


If you don’t have much time (or patience) for coming up with a really top-notch umbrella upgrade, all you need is a brush and a little waterproof paint, along with I Love to Create‘s guidance!  You can create a one-of-a-kind umbrella in just a few minutes!

8. Stenciled Umbrella 


It’s hard to have an idea in your head only to search the entire internet without much luck of finding anything that comes remotely close to it! In cases like this, stenciled projects are your best hope! Watch how Two Happy Heart transferred their idea from paper to a real umbrella!

9. Ombre Umbrella 


The ombre trend is still very present and popular, so let’s make an umbrella that honors the beautiful ombre coloring! You can choose colors that best match your personal style, but Brit + Co chose blue and pink. We have to admit, we’re obsessed with the combination!

10. Striped Umbrella 


A striped black and white umbrella is an elegant accessory that you’ll be depending on during rainy days and perhaps even sunny ones, if you love the vintage style! Match your outfit to the monochrome color scheme and step out of the house as a true inspiration for all the fashionistas! See the amazing umbrella at What I Wore!

11. Paint Splatter Umbrella 


Perfect for artistic souls, this paint splatter umbrella will impress with its colorfulness and unique look! You couldn’t possibly make two of the same kind! Check in with Design for Mankind to see how you can get started and then let your creativity loose!

12. Colorful Umbrella 


Do you absolutely love colorful umbrellas but the stores just don’t do them justice? Lucky for you, Modkid has the best tutorial for the most vibrant umbrellas you’ve ever seen! With an umbrella like this you will definitely stand out on the gray rainy days!

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