Birthday idea: Confetti Explosion: 13 DIY Confetti Poppers

What is the one thing that can’t be missing from any celebration? Aside from cake and drinks, it’s confetti poppers! They are a great hit among children as they love the confetti explosion that happens once you pop those colorful confetti in the air! There’s no need to spend money on store-bought confetti poppers that all look the same; check out these DIY confetti poppers that you can make yourself and give them a unique twist!

1. Message Confetti Poppers 


Put a cheerful message on your confetti poppers to assure their joyful style and many laughs when they’re being handed to the guests! When celebrating birthdays or the New Year’s Eve the most important thing is to share happiness – do so with confetti poppers by Style Me Pretty!

2. Golden Confetti Poppers 


Even confetti poppers can have a sophisticated look! Metallic hues are dominating the decor world so stay on top of the latest trends with these golden confetti poppers by eHow! Their glamorous look is a winning feature for even the fanciest celebrations!

3. Toilet Paper Confetti Poppers


This is a great project for a crafting night with your kids! If they have a birthday party coming up it’s a lovely idea to include them into the party preparations! Create these simple and cute confetti poppers from toilet paper rolls, following the instructions at Smashed Peas and Carrots!

4. Balloon Confetti Poppers 


Don’t you love it when you can make an amazingly useful thing from items that you already have at home? This feeling is the DIY community’s sweet spot! You’re bound to fall in love with these confetti poppers by Persia Lou that are made just from some cups and balloons!

5. American Confetti Poppers 


If you are feeling patriotic and want to celebrate the land of the free and home of the brave, these American confetti poppers are for you! Their distinct look of red stripes and white stars is best matched with blue and red confetti! Get all the details at Piikea!

6. Confetti Poppers with Ribbon 


Do you want to create confetti poppers that are extra adorable and charming? All you have to do is put some ribbons on them, because honestly, nothing has more charm than a colorful ribbon! Brit + Co has all the secrets to making these lovely poppers!

7. Calligraphy Confetti Poppers 


Calligraphy is a beautiful form of lettering that turns letters and words into pure art!  Confetti poppers may mostly have celebratory features but when they are combined with calligraphy they also get artistic value! Learn how to make these stunning poppers at United with Love!

8. Floral Confetti Poppers 


Floral confetti poppers are perfect for summer celebrations when the nature is blooming all around and you want your party to match it! Sisoo has a great tutorial for a variety of blooming floral confetti in a wide color palette and there’s still plenty of time to make them before your next party!

9. Glitter Confetti Poppers 


Are you hosting a party for the divas in your life? You know glitter cannot be missing from that celebration! If you want your confetti poppers to match the sparkly party theme, Danya Banya has a fantastic idea for glistening glitter confetti poppers!

10. Rainbow Confetti Poppers 


We found these simple confetti poppers at Oh Happy Day and we’re loving their rainbow look! The colors are just enough to make the poppers cheery and interesting, getting you look forward to your next party just so you’ll be able to use them!

11. Lucky Confetti Poppers 


Save Studio DIY‘s lucky confetti poppers for the next St. Patrick’s Day! Their green color matches the color theme of the holiday but the white polka dots give them a cheerful look! The tiny gold ribbon is a reminder that there is a pot of gold waiting for you somewhere!

12. Monochrome Confetti Poppers 


Confetti poppers usually come in bright and warm colors, sometimes even metallic! But that doesn’t mean they can’t come in a monochrome palette too! The black and white confetti poppers by Erin Spain have an elegant look that is great for celebrations of all kinds!

13. Pink Confetti Poppers


The pinksplosion of these confetti poppers and the confetti that will end up flying out of them will be the talk of the town for weeks to come! Baby showers and bridal showers alike, they are all calling for some pink confetti! Check out Bird’s Party for the details!

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