DIY & Crafts: 15 Hip and Hot DIY Tassel Crafts 

There’s no denying that tassels are the hottest thing in the DIY world right now! They are funky and cheery, bringing colors and liveliness to any item they’re assigned to decorate! If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to know as many ways to use tassels as you possibly can, so that you can go on a tassel making mission and decorate with them for weeks to come! Let’s start with these 15 hip and hot DIY tassel crafts! 

1. Tassel Pillow 


Everybody loves a good throw pillow! They are adorable and always bring that extra cushiness to our living room! Decorate a throw pillow with some colorful tassels to enhance its charm and likable spirit! Check out the tutorial at Sewing In No Mans Land!

2. Tassel Earrings 


Don’t be afraid to include the tassels into your accessories, as they always turn out incredibly lovely! You’ll never regret adding some liveliness to your daily fashion, so there’s no need to overthink this – just visit The Stripe and give these tassel earrings a try!

3. Tassel Wall Hangings 


Tassels can be the perfect item to use in home decorating! Follow the Homeyohmy‘s lead and make a chic tassel wall decoration that will beautifully complement any room of the house! If you don’t feel too keen on using the colorful tassels, keep them monochrome for a minimalist effect!

4. Tassel Garland 


A party garland cannot be short of tassels! This marvelous garland by Oriental Trading combines tassels and pom poms into a lively and vibrant wall decor that is an incredible piece to hang up for any party or special occasion! If you can’t get enough of colors and tassels, this garland gives you a healthy dose of both!

5. Tassel Necklace 


Summer is the season where necklaces are always on display, perfectly accompanying the vibrant summer dresses! If you are wishing for a unique necklace that represents the freedom of summertime, a colorful tassel necklace is a great choice! Visit Homemade Banana to see how you can make it!

6. Tassel Purse 


We like to keep our tiny purses plain and minimalist, which makes them perfect to carry  on the go! Subtly decorating our accessories can be a challenge, but not when you have Damask Love to guide you! Using tassels to decorate a small purse is a fantastic way to keep things interesting and simplistic at the same time!

7. Tassel Beach Bag 


We have to admit that beach bags have a similar theme going on and it’s totally normal to wish that yours would stand out from the rest and be totally unique! Tassels are a great way to quickly and effectively spice up your beach bag and give it a colorful style! Visit Sugar and Cloth for the details!

8. Ribbon Tassel Keychain 


The greatest thing about tassels is that you can use them to decorate just about anything! There is no limit to their versatility! If you want to switch up the look of the classic tassel, make one from ribbons and turn it into a keychain as shown by Brooklyn Berry! After that, you can hang that keychain on anything that needs a bit of charm!

9. Tassel Sandals


The sandals that you’ve had for years can easily be customized with the addition of a few brightly colored tassels! You’ll get a unique pair of sandals in a few short steps and won’t have to buy new ones just to stay trendy! Find the tutorial at Live It. Love It. Make It!

10. Tassel Mala Necklace 


Mala bead necklaces are much sought after by many who use them for prayer and meditation. They can get very pricey but thankfully there is a DIY way to make them!  All you need is a beautiful tassel, 108 beads and Shrimp Salad Circus‘s guidance!

11. Suede Tassel Decoration 


For a more sophisticated version of tassels you can make them from suede and use them to decorate all of your chic must-have items. From a wallet to a phone, these suede tassels by Homeyohmy will prettify any item they are paired with!

12. Tassel Blanket


Nothing can beat the feeling of wrapping yourself into a comfy blanket on a cold day! Give it a colorful upgrade with the addition of bright tassels and have it become your go-to picnic blanket just for its outstandingly chic look! Find out more at Tell Love and Party!

13. Tassel Bedskirt 


Problem: your bedskirt needs an upgrade but you don’t want to replace it with a new one. Solution? Tassels! Decide on a couple of your favorite colors and how you want to display them on your newly-made bedskirt, then visit Tatertos and Jello to see the whole process!

14. Tassel Tree Swing 


Now that we’ve seen this cute idea for a tassel tree swing by Design Lovefest we’re left wondering how come all swings don’t have tassels?! It’s such a wonderful addition as it flutters in the air backwards and forwards together with the movement of the swing!

15. Tassel Pens 


Stationery is supposed to look cute and it’s always best to start with pens because you normally use them every day! Give them a unique makeover and a fun decoration that will make daily office work much more fun! Check in with Alyssa and Carla for the details!

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