DIY & Crafts: Iridescent Beauty: 12 DIY Holographic Projects

The holographic trend is BACK! You can’t deny that you missed wearing the shining accessories and decorating your home with the lustrous decor pieces! Jump right back into it with these simple but mesmerizing DIY holographic projects that will bring the iridescent beauty back into your daily life!

1. Holographic Vase 


Ditch the mainstream vases that don’t look like a piece of art! A Beautiful Mess brings you a holographic vase that is eye-catching and remarkable, giving a special charm to any florals you wish to display! Even though it’s a small item it will impact the room beyond belief!

2. Holographic Slime 


Slimes are all the rage right now! There’s something about their texture that feels so calming and is perfect for those days when we feel just a bit irritated! There are an abundance of slime recipes out there, but the one from Dream a Little Bigger is the only one you truly need!

3. Holographic Shoes 


Isn’t it the time yet to spice up your wardrobe a little? How about you add these bomb iridescent shoes to it?! They will be the most outstanding piece of any outfit and honey, everywhere you go those heads will definitely be turning! Check out Natasha Lee‘s how-to!

4. Holographic Phone Case 


We know what you’re thinking: another phone case? YES, you already have so many of them (don’t we all?), but once you make this particular one you’ll likely stay committed to it for a very long time! Spy the shining holographic phone case at Lena Marie!

5. Holographic Coasters 


Take your homemaking skills to the next level and bring some holographic magic into your daily home life. Whether you swear by coasters when you’re home alone or only bring them out into the light for the guests (no judgement there!), the coasters we found at Love Vividly will blow your mind!

6. Holographic Chair 


If you are the diva of all divas and you know your home deserves to have some iridescent charm, Paper & Stitch will teach you how to make the most unique chair you’ve ever seen! Make just one if you want it to be extra special or make more of them for the most epic dining quarters – the choice is yours!

7. Holographic Pillows 


Create the funkiest pillows on the planet with some holographic fabric and koosh balls! We’re so glad Studio DIY thought of this combination because it’s rocking our world! These two elements are so contrasting they create the most incredible pillow that is bound to always be the focal point!

8. Holographic Nails 


There may be thousands of manicure tutorials on YouTube, but this is the one that will change your life! When you’re already rocking iridescent accessories, your style absolutely needs nails that match that shiny vibe! A Beautiful Mess has a jaw-dropping tutorial for these holo nails!

9. Holographic Makeup Brush Holder 


When you’re loyal to a certain trend, even the smallest items in your home have to be aligned with it! A makeup brush holder may seem trivial to some, but not to you! You know that it holds a lot of value and should definitely look the part! See how Makeup Savvy made a unique holographic makeup brush holder!

10. Holographic Pouch 


You’ve got the shoes, you’ve got the nails – enter pouch! The size of this holo pouch by Etsy Studio is very small, which makes it super convent to carry around and fill it only with the most essential items! The lustrous look will make it noticeable and you might even end up being featured on a local street fashion blog!

11. Holographic Garland 


If you are soon going to be hosting a party, don’t you dare skip on holographic party decor! It’s the most perfect choice of decoration for nearly every party you’ll ever host! Everything about it screams celebration, so why don’t you head over to Paper & Stitch and find out how you can make some holographic garlands!

12. Holographic Crop Top 


If you’re wishing for some holo goodness in your daily outfit, a crop top is in order! Clones N Clowns features a youthful and fashionable crop top that is totally trendy and has a fun iridescent geometric print on the front! With a crop top like this, you’ll always be in the center of attention, crowned as the most stylish person of the group!

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