DIY & Crafts: Paleo Crafts:14 DIY Projects for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are an endless source of fascination for our little kids who are so full of wonder and curiosity! They usually know the names of all the dinosaurs before they can even properly name vegetables and they make you watch Jurassic Park over and over again! Here’s a roundup of 14 DIY dinosaur projects that you can make together with your little dinosaur enthusiasts!

1. Dinosaur Wall Hooks 


Every parent knows what a challenge trying to teach your kids to hang their own clothes is! It’s like they don’t even notice the hooks on the wall, right? Perhaps Busy Bliss can help with that! These dinosaur wall hooks will totally fascinate your little ones and will be impossible to ignore!

2. Dinosaur Bookends 


An organized bookcase is a beautiful sight to see! If your child is an avid reader and has an abundance of books you surely want them to be properly organized and reflect a tidiness on the whole room. These colorful dinosaur bookends can be made as a fun summer day crafting project! Get the tutorial at Instructables!

3. Dinosaur Serving Tray 


A dinosaur serving tray is not only a really fun and unique item to keep in your kitchen, it’s also a great way to display cookies or other goodies when your toddler is having a birthday party! You can be sure this serving tray will be the center of attention and those cookies will be gone before long! Hostess with the Mostess has the tutorial!

4. Dinosaur Balloon Sticks 


Another amazing dinosaur project that is a great idea for any toddler’s party comes from Oh Happy Day in the form of dinosaur balloons sticks! Make sure to offer your kids balloons in various different colors! Afterwards they can spend hours playing with their balloon dinosaurs, creating unforgettable childhood memories!

5. Dinosaur Egg Soap 


Some kids love bath time and some kids hate it! These dinosaur egg soap bars by Buzzfeed are suitable for both! If your little one already loves bath time, the dino soap will only enhance the experience and if they don’t like bathing perhaps the dinosaur eggs will make them more eager to do so!

6. Dinosaur Tail 


What kid wouldn’t wish for a dinosaur tail? We may even get jealous! Whether you make these DIY dinosaur tails by Andrea’s Notebook as part of a Halloween costume or just as a prop for endless games in the yard, you can be sure that your little ones will never want to take them off!

7. Dinosaur Fossils 


If your kids are dreaming about becoming adventurous archeologists who find the greatest treasures within dinosaur footprints, their first task can be creating dinosaur fossils from salt dough! Visit A New Dawnn to see the whole process! It’s quick, easy and loads of fun!

8. Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs 


Bath bombs are so popular right now and if we’re already making the shiny pink ones for ourselves, why not make some dinosaur ones our kids? My Joy Filled Life has a recipe for bath bombs that resemble real dinosaur eggs and we’re willing to bet your kids will go crazy for them!

9. Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder


Even a toothbrush deserves a proper dinosaur holder! Why should it be stored in a boring plastic holder that doesn’t motivate your little one to brush their teeth? This dinosaur toothbrush holder is a fantastic alternative and the courtesy of The Globetrotting Guppy!  

10. Dinosaur Jar 


When you have kids running in the house, you can never have too much storage options. Let’s face it, kids have a lot of stuff and trying to organize their room can be the biggest household project! Harlow & Thistle came up with dinosaur jars and we love them as a simple but beautiful storage solution!

11. Paper Plate Dinosaurs 


We all loved paper plate crafts when we were younger and with the rise of social media and people being able to share their DIY projects, the paper plate madness only grew!   The Craft Train has one of the best paper plate projects and if you have a little dinosaur enthusiast in your home, they will absolutely love it!

12. Dinosaur Cups 


Customized plastic cups are children’s favorite! When there’s a group of kids hanging out it’s so important that they all get to have a favorite cup that is just their own! These cups are so quick to make and you can totally put dinosaurs on it, thanks to the amazing tutorial by the brilliant White Lights!

13. Dinosaur Planter 


If you’re eager to include some plants into your kiddo’s room but they don’t like the idea, these dinosaur planters by Maggie Overby Studios feel like the greatest compromise! There’s no denying that golden dinosaurs are definitely an incredible contribution to any room!

14. Dinosaur Necklace 


A dinosaur on a necklace is a dinosaur that can go everywhere! Spray painted gold, this necklace by TGIF looks like an amazing piece of jewelry but you can paint it to any other color of your kid’s choosing! You can also make the necklace for yourself because hey, dinosaurs are cool!

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