DIY & Crafts: The Beauty and Elegance of DIY Cloth Napkins 

Cloth napkins are an essential part of a good table setting. There is a whole sea of cloth napkins out there to choose from, but if you have wandered upon this article you can already sense that the best ones are those that are made by hand! You have the power to create any cloth napkin that your imagination can dream up, but why don’t we start with these DIY cloth napkins right here!

5-Minute Cloth Napkins 


If you are a very busy bee that generally struggles to find the time for crafting, Viva Veltoro will meet you halfway. These neat cloth napkins will not take more than five minutes of your time and in return they will be a beautiful piece on your dining table for many years!

Linen Napkins 


Linen is a beautiful material that embodies simplicity, so it’s a great choice if you are wishing to create a simple napkin that still feels special. However neutral the look of linen may be, it is also very calming and familiar! Don’t miss the tutorial at Sutton Place!

Ice Cream Cloth Napkins 


These cloth napkins need to be a part of your summer table setting! The ice cream motive is fun and lively, giving us some serious sugar cravings as well as the need to start making these unique napkins as soon as possible! Luckily Dans Le Lakehouse has the tutorial!

Bound Cloth Napkins 


The pattern plays a great role in the napkin’s look, but so does its presentation. My 3 Monsters made a beautiful yellow cloth napkin with a significant old-fashioned look that is bound together by a wide blue striped ribbon playing its part in a neat table setting.

Double Sided Cloth Napkins 


Whether you save them just for special occasions or serve cookies with them every single day just because you can, these double sided cloth napkins are definitely going to be the center of attention due to their captivating look! Check in with The Happy Housie to see the sewing pattern.

Lace Edged Cloth Napkins 


A pastel pink cloth napkin with polka dots is cute enough as it is, but add a lacy edge to it and you get the most adorable cloth napkin we’ve ever seen! It has a very elegant and serene look that will come in handy when setting up a table for bridal or baby showers! Visit A Spoonful of Sugar to see the how-to!

Patterned Cloth Napkins 


Patterns can make or break a cloth napkin, but don’t take this rule too seriously – the most important thing is to have variety among your napkins and to love all of their unique designs! Smile and Wave DIY has created a whole collection of cloth napkins all with a different pattern and they all look incredible!

No-Sew Cloth Napkins 


We get it, not everybody is an expert at sewing and it can be frustrating trying to DIY something you truly need only to realize all Pinterest tutorials require a sewing machine! If you need minimalist cloth napkins, Maison de Pax brings you a no-sew version of them!

White Cloth Napkins 


Sometimes you want your cloth napkins to stand out and match the bold table setting for a special occasion and other times you want them to be subtle and fit for everyday use. These white cloth napkins by Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth are a lovely and simplistic thing to make!

Dotted Cloth Napkins 


Little dots have the immense power to create a cloth napkin that is charming and classy! The choice of fabric is very simple and makes the napkin itself useful for a variety of different occasions. Check out how you can make it at Creative Green Livings!

Watercolor Cloth Napkins 


The watercolor trend is still going strong and it seems even the napkins aren’t immune to it! You will learn at eHow how to make a watercolor cloth napkin that will be beautifying your table setting with its distinct ombre look for a long time to come!

Indigo Cloth Napkins 


Perhaps it is time for the bright pink and yellow shades to take a step back and let the good old indigo blue to come forward once again and dominate the decoration trends. If you have not given indigo blue a chance yet, these cloth napkins by Alice & Lois should be on your to-do list!

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