DIY Tips: Ice Ice Baby: Fast and Fun DIY Ice Tray Hacks  

If you’re only using the ice tray to make regular ice cubes, we have to tell you you’re missing out! There are so many creative ways to use the ice tray you’ll be blown away! To be honest, these hacks are some of our absolute favorites. They make our daily lives much easier and bring simplicity and convenience to all of our household chores, from cooking to cleaning! Here are some incredible fast and fun DIY ice tray hacks! 

Fresh Herb Ice Cubes 


When you’re cooking, oil and herbs are two things that are used in almost every meal. If you want to store your herbs before they wilt, pair them together with your favorite oil and freeze them in an ice tray; The Kitchn will show you how. Then, every time you are ready to cook something delicious, pop one or two out and you’re ready to start!

Floral Ice Cubes 


Florals are being used in the kitchen more and more! They are seasonal, charming and bring something special to our culinary routine! Freeze the most beautiful, colorful florals in an ice tray, then add them to your water bottle, soda, smoothie or even a meal! Martha Stewart never disappoints!

Ice Chalk 


Summer is the best season for creating with the chalkboard! The children love to use the pavement as their canvas and you can make their chalk right at home! It’s a special kind of “chalk”, because it melts as the kids draw with it, which encourages them to think quickly! Reading Confetti has a fantastic tutorial!

Fruit Smoothie Cubes 


Mornings can be so busy and if we’re trying to live a healthy life we can quickly fall off the wagon amidst the busyness! Don’t sacrifice your morning smoothie for the sake of being punctual! You can thank Oh The Things We’ll Make for this great fruit smoothie cubes hack that will save your mornings from rushing and unhealthy breakfasts!

Latte Ice Cubes 


Speaking of early mornings, another epic ice tray hack that will make your mornings much less stressful are these latte ice cubes by Imma Eat That! You can use them to make iced coffee and start your summer days with a cold caffeine kick!

Frozen Dog Treats 


You didn’t think we’d forget about your four legged friends, did you? You can totally use the ice tray to freeze some tasty treats for them! They’ll love them on the really hot days and you’ll surely be worshipped as the best dog owner ever! Find the recipe for the frozen treats at Popsugar!

Ice Tray Yoghurt Bites 


Dogs are not the only ones that get to have frozen treats – you should make some for yourself too! Pick something healthy and refreshing, such as these yoghurt bites by May I Have That Recipe! Once you try them you’ll need an extra ice tray just to always keep it full!

Ice Tray Seed Started 


Do you love gardening? Surely you’re always on the lookout for tips and tricks that make it easier and more efficient! Mr. Brown Thumb will show you how you can use the ice tray to plant some greens in a super quick way! This is a great hack for beginners!

Rice Crispy Treats 


Children love creating in the kitchen together with their parents! Show them an unexpected use for the ice tray with these super yummy rice crispy treats by Smart School House! They are sweet and have a ton of sprinkles, perfect for the little ones!

Fruit Ice Cubes 


Bored of the plain taste of water? Add some fruit to it to make it tastier! If you don’t always have fresh fruit at hand, freeze it when it’s in season together with some water, then spice up your beverage of choice with a couple of frozen fruit cubes when the need arises. See the whole process at P&E!

Toilet Cleaning Bombs 


Toilet cleaning just isn’t one of those chores that anyone would particularly enjoy! Luckily, Mom 4 Real came up with a brilliant DIY ice tray hack that totally simplifies the cleaning process! Make toilet cleaning bombs using the ice tray, then flush one or two down the toilet whenever it needs cleaning!

Peanut Butter Cups 


If you’re spending way too much money on the classic peanut butter cups it’s time to learn how to make them yourself! They truly are the kind of treat that everybody loves and if you think it’s complicated to make them, Creative Simple Life begs to differ! Who knew an ice tray will one day be your most precious candy making utensil!

Sugar Scrub Cubes 


At the end of a long and tiring day, take some minutes for yourself and go through your important pampering routine! A good sugar scrub is very good for the skin and you can make really handy sugar scrub cubes using an ice tray and the tutorial at Hello Glow!

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