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DIY & Crafts: Cushy and Cute: 12 DIY Animal Pillows

Pillows are not only meant to be slept on, they are also meant to look adorable and contribute something insanely cute to our home! Pillows that cheer us up every time we see them are a true treasure. If they take a shape of an animal, your kids will absolutely adore them! We fell in love with these 12 DIY animal pillows and we want to share them all with you!

1. Animal Cookie Pillow 


If your child is obsessed with animal cookies, these pillows will be their new favorite thing! They are colorful, fun and incredibly adorable – the perfect item for cheering up any room of the house! Mandatory: visiting Studio DIY to get instructions. Optional: buying actual animal cookies as inspiration!

2. Pet Pillow 


We all love our pets as much as humans and they are surely viewed as family members! Show that your love for them has no boundaries and make a DIY pillow with using a picture of your pet! Join the club of “crazy pet owners” by visiting Yellow Brick Home!

3. Puppy Pillow 


Puppies are the joy of the world! Almost every child wants a puppy and if you can’t currently have an actual dog, this pillow will be a great alternative for any little kid who just wants to cuddle up with a plushy pup! Check out the sewing pattern at Tuts+!

4. Sheep Pillow 


Purl Soho‘s soft sheep pillows are absolutely revolutionary! When pillows feel like plushy toys you know you’ve hit the jackpot! Maybe you won’t even need to count sheep anymore, because they will be right beside you, lulling you to dreamland!

5. Whale Pillow 


This whale pillow by We Lived Happily Ever After could be your baby’s very first pillow! It’s super huge and comfortable, not to mention chic and adorable! As your little one moves around their play mat or cradle, they will be eager to touch and explore the big, cushy whale!

6. Rooster Pillows 


The motive of farm animals feel so domestic and traditional! These rooster pillows are ideal piece to place in a country house or a home decorated with a lot of rustic elements. Check in with Exquisitely Unremarkable and make your very own rooster pillows!

7. Panda Pillow 


Who doesn’t love pandas?! They are easily the most adorable bears in the world! They have a deeply relatable, food-driven, lazy character and are incredibly kind animals! If you want this panda to be your new snuggle pillow, DIY Lover has the tutorial!

8. Owl Pillow 


If you love to sleep during the day and be awake throughout the night you can surely call yourself a night owl! By making this gorgeous owl pillow by Sarah Beth you can celebrate this animal’s determination to fly around in the darkest hours of the night!

9. Fox Pillow 


A crochet pillow is soft and cozy on its own, but add a cute motive to it and you’ll get your new favorite piece in the house! Sewrella will show you how to make this sweet and charming fox pillow! This is a chance you don’t want to miss, because not only do you end up with a cute pillow, you also improve your crocheting skills!

10. Elephant Pillow 


Uh oh, there’s about to be an elephant in the room! This elephant pillow is a great way to spice up your bedroom with a pillow that is suitable for kids and adults alike! In a way, we are all children at heart, aren’t we? Make sure to peek at Lilisimply for instructions!

11. Fish Pillow 


How does that famous Finding Nemo chant goes again? Fish are friends! This fish pillow is definitely a unique element to have in your house and if you are oh-so-over predictable decor, we can assure you this one will always retain the element of surprise! The Suburban Mom will show you how to make it!

12. Penguin Pillow 


Penguins are the most dapper animals nature has ever created. They look as if they’re wearing tuxedos, their wobbly walk is the cutest thing on Earth and they mate for life! Make these beautiful penguin pillows by Ann Le and don’t forget to hashtag them with #goals when you share them on social media!

Tell us which pillow stole your heart (and couch space)! 

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