Fashion & beauty: Pretty DIY Garters for Any Occasion

Perhaps the most common place you’ll find garters besides a lingerie store is in a wedding catalogue, but they’re such a stunning little detail in any context that we’re kind of obsessed with how many different styles they come in. At top end stores, however, you’ll find that garters can be extremely expensive even if they’re quite plain. Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s a certain elegance in a simple garter style, but making your own gives you license to get a little more creative if you’d like!

Check out these 15 lovely DIY garter styles that will impress at any wedding or with any look you choose, no matter which technique you choose to make them with!

1. Lace and ribbon charm garter


Is part of you still considering buying a pretty store bought garter because it looks rather hard to make yourself one that features that same smooth silk and delicate lace combination? Well, we’d urge you to take a look at this surprisingly easy tutorial from Something Turquoise and reconsider before you rush out the door to the mall! You can customize the ribbon colour and the charm however you please.

2. Lace and cameo garter


Perhaps part of the reason you’re thinking about making your own garter rather than buying one is that the styles you’ve seen in stores have all been very modern and you’re hoping for a more vintage chic aesthetic on your wedding day, or really any day? Then we think you simply must check out this stunning lace, ribbon, pearl string, and cameo design from Wedding Bee! This is a great creative way to incorporate a little piece of family jewelry into your look as you walk down the aisle.

3. Ruffled ribbon garter


Are you looking for garters that are a little more sassy and stylish than the average lingerie store sells in the wedding section, but you don’t want to pay the shipping costs to order online? Then check out these ruffled ribbon ones from Free Wedding Projects! We love the floral embellishment in the middle and making these yourself means you can make them in any colour you please as long as you can find that ribbon (or similar satin or silk material).

4. Daisy trim garter


Are you more of a novelty lover than anything else, always on the lookout for kitschy things that aren’t to everyone else’s taste? Then a simple garter made from bright daisy trim sounds like it might be right up your alley! Rock n’ Roll Bride guides you through the surprisingly east process of making this one in just a few steps.

5. Shabby chiffon flower garden


Have interesting material, texture, and colour combinations always interested you but you’ve always been hesitant to really play with them and get creative? Then try following a design featured in a tutorial like this one from The Ribbon Retreat to test the waters! We love the shabby chic finish on the edges of these chiffon roses and how that contrasts with the pretty, perfect lace band.

6. Elastic pentagram garter


Are you much more interested in making a fashion statement garter for yourself than you are a wedding garter right now? Then we found an unconventional option that might intrigue you! Boat People Vintage shows you how to make a cute thigh harness style garter in the shape of a pentagram star, but they teach you how to use thick elastic rather than more flimsy materials like lace and silk or ribbon.

7. Dangling rhinestone garter


Are you still interested in having elements of classic wedding style in your DIY garter design, but you’d just prefer to make it a little flashier and more eye catching than the norm? Then rhinestones are certainly a great way to go! By “rhinestones”, however, we don’t just mean a few- we mean affixing an entire dangling rhinestone section to your lace band the way Shine Trimmy did here.

8. Glamorous pearl garter


Are you looking to keep things primarily on the classic wedding style side of things, with lots of white, lots of lace, and just a little bit of glamour, but you need some guidance to base your own simple style on? Then check out this simply stunning lace and pearl bead garter from The Ribbon Retreat! It’ll complement just about any style of dress, making it lovely and versatile.

9. Tulle and beads garter


Have garters always reminded you a little bit of showgirls, even when you’re wearing them as part of a classy look like you would at your wedding? Then reconcile the two style concepts by making your garter out of fun textured tulle rather than simple lace! We love The Ribbon Retreat‘s idea of adding ribbon, feathers, rhinestones, or pearls to the side to give the whole thing just a little bit of pizazz above and beyond the tulle as well.

10. Feathered garter


Did you see the small inclusion of a bit of feather above and feel so inspired that now feathered garters are the only thing on your mind? Well, after seeing this stunning feather and lace design from Bridal Musings, we don’t blame you! We love the idea of affixing the top of the feather to the lace band with a simple pastel ribbon for a bit of a colour contrast.

11. Studded roses garter


Have you been scanning this list in the hopes of finding more personal style garments than wedding things, but the pentagram design just doesn’t quite match your personal aesthetic? Then try this one that’s a little more cutesy instead! Cristina Viseu adds studs to the ribbons, roses, and heart charm to remind you that cute things can have some edge too.

12. DIY garter leggings


Is “garter” just the basic concept you’re willing to work with but you’re open to some pretty unique interpretations above and beyond that? Then check out these totally cool garter leggings by Boat People Vintage! We thin this is an awesome way to add a bit of boudoir inspired style to a modern casual outfit, putting a spin on the whole outfit.

13. Lace and rhinestone applique garter


Perhaps your inspiration for making your own garter in the first place lied in the absolutely stunning rhinestone and pearl applique you found while you were shopping for wedding accessories, but you don’t have a band to put it on and you want to do it justice? Then check out how Bridal Guide made this simple lace garter band and affixed their stunning hand beaded patch right on the front.

14. Satin bow knee high garter


Just in case you haven’t quite found the style of fashion garter you were hoping for yet, here’s one more! This double suspender style thigh harness keeps your high socks up where they should be and features an absolutely adorable little satin bow on top to catch the eye if you wear it with a dainty short skirt. See how it’s made in detail on Yumi King.

Do you know someone who has been looking for different styles of garter in stores but just hasn’t found precisely what they were hoping for yet? Share this post with them to see if you can inspire them to try making their own instead!

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