DIY & Crafts: 13 Mason Jar Candles For The Perfect Romantic Ambiance

Homemade candles are a special treat. They are completely customized to your needs and have that personal touch that makes lighting them a special occasion at any time! As you well know, mason jars are a crafty person’s best friend; they just so happen to be the perfect item to set your candles into and make them mimic the big, classic scented candles you come across in fancy stores. Learn how to make these 13 mason jar candles and create a romantic atmosphere in your home anytime you wish!

1. Mason Fruit Jar Candle 


The sweet and fresh smell of fruit, especially if you are using citruses, is like no other! The yellow glow from the candle will fill the room with a beautiful warm light that you couldn’t possibly get from any store-bought candle we know of! Visit Hello Glow to learn more details about this lantern-like mason jar fruit candle!

2. Mason Jar Funfetti Candle 


This Funfetti candle is one of those innovative ideas that bring fun and festiveness into your home! You might find yourself craving a Funfetti cake when you light this beauty and that’s the perfect opportunity to host a Funfetti themed evening with friends! Beth Cakes has the tutorial for this unique mason jar candle!

3. Mason Jar Oil Candle 


Oil candles have a very sensual, almost zen feeling about them and you can infuse them with your favorite aromas, which is not something that you can say of candles that you buy on impulse. If you have a very specific scent in mind, this mason jar oil candle by Garden Matter is definitely worth the try!

4. Mason Jar Herb Candle 


The connection with nature shouldn’t be overlooked and you can always find a way to bring a piece of it into your DIY projects. Adventures in Making put some lovely herbs into their mason jar candle and the end result is a simplistic, peaceful candle that is not only a great addition to your home, but also a really thoughtful gift!

5. Mason Jar Beeswax Candle 


Speaking of natural ingredients, did you know you can make an amazing candle with beeswax? Not only will it give your candle a striking honeycomb color, it also has the natural component that we can all appreciate. Find the recipe at Rootsy!

6. Mason Jar Citronella Candle 


Burning like a true superstar, this mason jar citronella candle is a great choice for outdoor hangouts! Unlike most candles, this one’s flame will not falter under the gentle summer breeze. If you want a reliable and sustainable outdoorsy candle, Marty’s Musings will help you make it!

7. Festive Mason Jar Candle


Holidays always call for some special DIY projects and what better way to welcome in the Christmas holidays than by making a festive mason jar candle that you’ll be able to put on your neatly decorated mantlepiece or make a part of a gift basket for friends and family. Don’t forget to check in with Better Homes & Gardens when the time comes!

8. Mason Jar Colored Candles 


If you want your candles to look simple and unicolored, Something Turquoise has just what you’ve been searching for! Since these candles are made within a big mason jar, they will last you quite a long time! The pink and blue combination is very traditional, but you can of course choose any color that will correspond with your home’s interior!

9. Mason Jar Book Candle 


Sometimes when we are reading a book we wish to make a special ambience, just to have our reading nook feel cozy and comforting. We can always count on candles to bring this atmosphere to us! I Love This & That shares a great mason jar candle that will make any book worm happy!

10. Mason Jar Pinecone Candles 


Perfect for wintery days when snow has covered the fields, roads and mountains, these mason jar pine cone candles will keep the home lit up and romantic, completely playing into our fantasy of a winter wonderland! Head over to Crafts by Amanda for more details!

11. Dyed Mason Jar Candle 


Does the color of your mason jar candle play a big role for you? If so, you don’t want to miss this tutorial by Ideal Home! It is a sure way to make a fanciful candle in a color of your choice while putting that mason jar to a really good use!

12. Burlap Wrapped Mason Jar Candle 


Don’t like the view of a plain mason jar? Wrap up your jar in some beautifully decorated burlap to give your candle an extra layer of class and elegance! Use these candles as a centerpiece for your dining table or a birthday gift for a friend! Town and Country Living reveals the how-to!

13. Mason Jar Silhouette Candles 


We have a soft spot for seasonal candles. They are a really inspiring way to welcome the new season and embrace its spirit! These mason jar silhouette candles by Practically Functional are perfect for chilly autumn days when the breeze is ruffling your hair and the colorful leaves are finding its way to the ground!

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