DIY & Crafts: 13 Sparkly Crafts You Can Make With Glitter 

The time has come for us to submerge ourselves in glitter and make some epic crafts with it! We’ll all be finding glitter everywhere for the next three weeks, but trust us when we tell you that once you see these crafts you won’t worry about that anymore! Everything is worth it in the end, when you’re holding your new sparkly item in your hands! Dive into these brilliant crafts you can make with glitter and start glowing!

1. Glitter Mason Jar


Obviously, we’ll start with a mason jar! They are always there to help us out with crafting, transforming into anything we wish them to! Ka Styles used her glittery mason jar as a paintbrush holder but you can let your imagination tell you what its purpose in your home will be!

2. Glitter Money Saving Jar 


If you love the versatility of mason jars as much as we do, you will also love this glittery mason jar number two! This one comes from Time with Thea and it serves as a shining money saving jar, keeping you motivated by being an example of embodied luxury!

3. Glitter Shoes 


Give your shoes a glittery upgrade! Shoe makeovers can take some time, but using glitter speeds up the process! Need shoes for a special occasion but don’t have the time or the budget to shop new ones? Glitter saves the day! (And The Crafted Life helps!).

4. Glitter Clothespins 


Turning ordinary household items into something fabulously looking takes the monotony out of our daily routine! The next time you are using clothespins you will enjoy in their glimmering look and it might just channel your inner diva! Who said we can’t sparkle while doing the chores?! Get the how-to at Posh Little Designs.

5. Glitter Voss Bottle 


Fan of the Voss water but not fan of its design? Change it up and let glitter help you with that! Having a neat and glamorous water bottle might motivate us to drink more and perhaps even gives us that last kick we need in order to stop skipping our workouts. Glam Voss it is, with the tutorial by Sweet Teal!

6. Glitter Heels 



Even your most precious pair of high heels could use an upgrade at some point. On the fence on how to achieve that? Wobisobi has an idea! Dress up the heel in some shimmering glitter and watch how the entire shoe instantly gets a new and powerful look!

7. Glitter Drinking Glass 


Switch the boring drinking glasses for sophisticated ones! Perfect for loud dinner parties, or a quiet evening by yourself, the glittery drinking glasses are fit for any occasion! Don’t you love how glitter has the power to take ordinary things and make them fabulous? Peek at Joyfully Prudent for more info!

8. Glitter Tights 


Even your garments deserve to sparkle! If you’ve always been looking to the dancers with glittery tights, wishing you had something of the sort, thanks to Moustachic you now can! The time has come for you to make yourself these glowing glitter tights and shine like a star you were born to be!

9. Glitter Table 


Coffee tables have such a special role in every home, so why not make yours as outstanding as you possibly can! The combination of glitter and piercing green creates the perfect energetic  table! Love what you see? Rosyscription has the instructions!  

10. Glitter Letters 


At this point, personalized glitter letters are almost a necessity! Spelling out a name in shining letters is a bold and remarkable way to decorate any room! Check in with Modernly Morgan to see how it works in a nursery and get the tutorial!

11. Glitter Pencil Bag 


Everywhere you go, always take the glitter with you! Okay maybe we adapted this song lyric a little, but you can’t say it’s not accurate! Carrying around this glitter pencil bag will make you feel super fabulous and organized, so don’t hesitate to visit Damask Love to see the how-to!

12. Glitter Clutch 


And speaking of glitter that you get to take everywhere with you, how about this glitter clutch? We’re willing to bet that no fashionista will be able to resist it, since it’s incredibly roomy and looks drop-dead gorgeous! Check out the tutorial at I Am Style-Ish!

13. Glitter Pot


If you want to bring some sparkle to your potted plants, upgrading a simple terra cotta pot into a  shining glitter pot is just the road you’ll want to go down! Sit behind the crafting wheel and let The Pretty Bee give you directions to your sparkly destination!

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