DIY & Crafts: Bath Routine Done Right: DIY Bath Bombs 

Running yourself a hot bath at the end of a long and stressful day is what dreams are made of. As the hot water embraces your skin you can feel yourself relaxing completely. Bath routines are indeed so very special, but even more so when we are using the bathing products we made ourselves; not only do we know exactly what’s in them, we can also pick out the specific look and scent we desire. Check out these DIY bath bombs and let nothing stop you for creating your very own!

Lemon Bath Bombs 


What’s more refreshing than a smell of a juicy lemon? This bath bomb will become an essential part of your routine once you experience its gifts! Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin & A Princess and enjoy the fresh scent of a citrus!

Turquoise Bath Bomb 


Part of what makes bath bombs so special are their distinct colors. We all well know how much our favorite colors impact us, so if turquoise is a color that instantly calms you down, don’t hesitate to visit Whats Up Moms.

Cupcake Bath Bombs 


Can’t get enough of cupcakes? Bring them into your bathroom! These cupcake bath bombs Muffin Chanel are insanely adorable and will surely be your go-to item whenever you feel like treating yourself!

Pink Bath Bombs


A perfect gift on Valentine’s Day or just a small token of appreciation for your boyfriend or girlfriend at any time of the year! Love is all around us, let’s celebrate it! Everyone’s heart would melt at the look of these pink bath bombs by DIY Projects.

Square Bath Bombs 


If round bath bombs are just too mainstream for you, we’ve found a great tutorial on how to make square ones instead! They don’t contain citric acid but they do contain ingredients that you can easily find within your own pantry! Peek at eHow to see the details!

Lush Inspired Bath Bombs


There’s no denying that Lush has some of the sickest bath bombs on the market, but these beauties by Muffin Chanel may just give them a run for their money! They look just as gorgeous and they are absolutely made with love!

Natural Bath Bombs 


If it’s important to you that all of your bathing products are completely natural, Salt and Ritual has a little treat for you! These bath bombs are made entirely from natural ingredients and have a totally unique look! The secret to their outstanding red color? Beet root powder!

Black Bath Bombs 


While bath bombs are usually very colorful, there’s no need to follow the unwritten rules if you wish to try something else. This bath bomb by Thread Banger is completely black and we believe it has an incredibly edgy look! Save it for the Halloween week or try it out right away; the choice is yours!

Sea Breeze Bath Bomb


Sometimes all we want is to be at the beach, breathing in the sea air and enjoying a vacation, but instead must do with a few hours in the morning or evening to take for ourselves. Turn this time into a beach-like experience nonetheless, with these sea breeze bath bombs we found at Our Essential Community.

Fizzy Cupcake Bath Bombs 


Warning: these frizzy cupcake bath bombs look so realistic you might mistake them for  the real ones! This Grandma Is Fun has a funny way of tricking your brain into thinking you’ll really be bathing in cupcakes! With that said, you can always just make some actual cupcakes and devour them as you’re relaxing in the tub!

Milk and Honey Bath Bombs


These calming bath bombs that will do wonders for your skin, as the combination of milk and honey always does, comes from Monica Potter. They are an amazingly thoughtful idea for a gift, especially if you are looking for something last-minute but still want it to be personal!

 Green Apples Bath Bombs


These green apple bath bombs are seriously making us want to live the healthy life! What a better way to take care of yourself than to enjoy a warm bath and be inspired to eat more apples at the same time! Get healthy and relaxed with Sugar and Charm!   

Bath bomb, bath bomb … you’re my bath bomb! 

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