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Drinking our favorite hot beverages, especially in the icy winter months, is a special ritual. Decorating your chosen mug with a mug warmer will make your coffee-or-tea time even more personal! They have a number of benefits, number one being: they look incredibly adorable! But they will also keep your beverage from cooling down too quickly and your fingers safe from getting burned! Sounds like something everyone should have? You bet it does! Check out these DIY mug warmers and find your chosen one!

Owl Mug Warmer 


Owls are almost a trademark symbol of winter! Their cute look instantly makes us feel all cozy! This owl mug warmer will make you think you’re drinking your morning coffee out of a soft plushy. Get the pattern at Craftsy.

Plaid Mug Warmer


Drink your warm drink in style with plaid mug warmer! It has a Christmasy look to it, but will look good on any mug at any time of the year! Bonus points if you wear plaid pajamas to match it! Get the tutorial at Confetti Style.

 Cozy Mug Warmer 


Just holding a mug in your hands, with this mug warmer wrapped neatly around it, will give you the feeling of immense coziness. Then all there’s left is a good book and a blanket to wrap yourself in! Sewing Barefoot knows how to get us through the winter!

Heart Mug Warmer


This mug warmer has Valentine’s Day written all over it! What a sweet way to surprise your darling valentine! Forget the flowers and the teddy bears … this year it’s all about the mugs! Get the details at Haakmaarraak!

Yellow Mug Warmer 


If you want your mug warmer to stand out, pick out a really bright color; like yellow! Paired with the purple button it’s a true treat for the eyes and if you’re wrapping it around a white cup it will almost make it look invisible! Find the pattern at Midwestern Moms.

Linen Mug Warmer 


Perhaps you don’t feel like crocheting and wish to try something else! This linen mug warmer is the perfect opportunity to do so! You will be very satisfied with the result, as linen is so sustainable! Head over to Hazelnuts, follow the instructions, then pat yourself on the back for the work well done!

Chunky Mug Warmer 


The chunkier it is, the warmer it will feel like! This mug warmer will wrap all around your mug and cover it almost completely! On a cold morning, you will be so thankful for its softness and warmth! It’s the smallest things that make all the difference. Learn from Hobbycraft!

Pumpkin Mug Warmer 


People on the go, we hear you! You simply don’t have time to prep and drink your beverage at home, so you depend on coffee-to-go! We found a mug warmer for you too! This lovely pumpkin one by Painting It Purple will fit on just about any transportable coffee cup!

Bear Mug Warmer 


Here’s another coffee-to-go mug warmer, because two is better than one, right? This one has an incomparably adorable look and is perfect for anyone who likes to hold on to the childlike part of themselves! See the pattern at Flying Mio.

Cute Mug Warmers


If the cute factor plays a significant role in your choice of a mug warmer, look no further.   Antje DIY has a pair of so-cute-we-can’t-cope mug warmers that will soon be stolen by your little kids because they’ll want the same ones for their sippy cups!

Macrame Mug Warmer 


Some people sew, some crochet and some swear by only using their hands! This macrame mug warmer is super simple to make and you don’t need any additional tools, other than your own hands! Macrame School will guide you through the process!

Tea Mug Warmers 


Why create just one mug warmer when you can create a whole set of them? They will come in handy anytime you have guests over who can even get their own, personalized ones! Become the best teatime host by following the instructions at Simply Crochet and blessing yourself with these tea mug warmers!

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