DIY & Crafts: DIY Sleeping Masks for the Sweetest Dreams 

Oh the feeling of being lulled into sweet dreams and having a really good night of sleep. What better way to make sure our sleep is uninterrupted by the early morning light (or children  turning on the lights in the middle of the night) than to wear a sleeping mask and protect our eyes from the brightness. These DIY sleeping masks are as cozy as they are cute and will undoubtedly become an essential part of your sleeping routine!

Cheeky Sleeping Masks 


Just in case anyone walks in on you snoozing with a sleeping mask on and doesn’t get the hint, here are some really cheeky sleeping masks by Motte that will make sure your sleeping disruptors will get the message! (Unless they are your children, in which case, wakey wakey!).

Tiger Sleeping Mask 


Tigers are the biggest sleepy heads; did you know that they can sleep up to 20 hours a day? If you are now seriously relating to tigers on a deep existential level, you need this sleeping mask in your life! See the tutorial at Dear Handmade Life and become the second biggest sleepy head!

No-Sew Sleeping Mask 


Not a fan of sewing? No worries! Here’s a super cute sleeping mask by Pottery Barn that doesn’t involve any sewing but still deserves an A+! The little eyelashes are the perfect finishing touch! Happy slumber!

Simple Sleeping Mask 


What could possibly be cuter than a really simple sleeping mask, especially one that matches your pajamas?! Visit Tilly and the Buttons and find out how you can stay in style even as you are wrapping up your day!

Christmas Sleeping Mask 


When the holiday spirit kicks in, one must go with the flow! If you have Christmas sweaters, socks, hats and mittens, why not add sleeping masks to the collection as well? Honoring Christmas in all your attire is surely what gets you on the nice list! Get the tutorial at The 36th Avenue.

Wanderlust Sleeping Mask 


For those who love to travel the world and feel severe wanderlust whenever stay put, this sleeping mask will fit perfectly with your adventurous dreams! Every time you fall asleep, dream about the places you wish to visit and don’t let anyone disrupt you! Snatch the instructions at Plan B!

Deer Sleeping Mask 


This sleeping mask as adorable as it gets! You can tell it’s very cushy and soft, perfect for people who need to feel extra comfortable in their slumber! Plus, your sleepy face will be covered with the cutest plushy deer face imaginable! Win-win? We’d say so! Get the how-to at Hub Pages!

Sheep Sleeping Mask 


Not being able to fall asleep can be a real nuisance! Have you tried counting sheep yet? You can start with the sheep on this sleeping mask by Ohh I Like That, but be careful – we don’t want you to fall asleep as you are making it, so don’t put to many sheep on it just yet!

Fried Egg Sleeping Mask 


A Beautiful Mess presents you with a sleeping mask that is incredibly hilarious and will lift the spirits of anyone who wears it! If you have a great sense of humor, this fried egg sleeping mask will surely make you laugh – and give you an idea for a really good breakfast!

Crochet Sleeping Mask 


For a cozy and unicolored sleeping mask go with this crochet masterpiece by Little Things Blogged. The turquoise yarn gives it such a cool and calming look it’s the perfect choice for a bedtime accessory!

Animal Themed Sleeping Masks 


Can’t get enough of cute animals? Here are some more of them, this time coming to you in a form of a sleeping mask that will wow anyone with its adorable look! You can choose the one that truly fits your taste and perhaps make an extra for a loved one! Sharing is caring and Momiji cares!

Owl Sleeping Mask 


If you like dozing off during the day, perhaps an owl sleeping mask is just what you need. It will make sure your eyes stay protected from the bright daylight and honor the spirit of the animal that is known to be asleep during the day. Here’s an owl sleeping mask by Firefly Crochet for a “night owl” like yourself!

Sweet dreams! 

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