DIY & Crafts: Organizing Your Workspace With DIY Desk Organizers 

Nobody likes to work in a cluttered environment! It’s distracting and, as such, a huge enemy of productivity! Your workspace should be the epitome of an organized space, though we totally understand that sometimes all of the pens, post-its, scissors, paper clips and all that jazz get piled up and you simply have nowhere to store them anymore! Lucky for you, dearest reader, we found some amazing DIY desk organizers that will help you take your desk from messy to marvelous!

Cardboard Box Desk Organizers


Starting off with something simple, eHow shows you how to utilize a neat set of cardboard boxes to store all of your writing and crafting tools, from most important to least important – all in the same place, within one drawer! Never search for a needle in a haystack again!

Gold Desk Organizer


Are you worried your DIY desk organizer will look too cheap? View from the Fridge‘s tutorial will put these worries to sleep once and for all! This gold organizer has a glamorous look and plenty of space for all of your pens, fitting perfectly inside of your chic little office!

Minimal Desk Organizer


If you are a minimalist at heart and don’t have much desk clutter to begin with, but still wish for your few things to be stored in one place, don’t miss this brilliant minimal desk organizer by Curbly! It is the perfect way to organize in a sleek and clean way!

Stacked Desk Organizers


Don’t like to have your stationery on display? We feel you, and so does A Pumpkin and A Princess! The simple and most fabulous solution is to keep it in beautifully decorated and neatly stacked closed organizers that will also be a lovely decor element on your working desk!

Wooden Desk Organizer


Every inch of your desk is valuable, so it really pays off to make use of its vertical space!  Prop up your desk organizer against the wall and maximize the space for your creativity, while keeping your must-have items at hand! See the tutorial at Poppytalk!

Cork Board Desk Organizer


This cutie of an organizer comes with a cork board! Not only will your desk be super organized all week ‘round, you will also have a place for all of the important reminders and to-dos! Don’t you just love multi-purposed DIYs?! Sugar & Cloth is great at them!

Hanging Desk Organizer


You can also just hang your desk organizer on the wall and make it part of your wall decor! It won’t ever be in your way, but will still be close at hand for when you need to write a reminder or take a pen! Make my Lemonade has the instructions!

Color Block Desk Organizers


It’s amazing how much a little color can change things! Thanks to I Spy DIY, you have the power to create your personal collection of narrow desk organizers that look incredibly orderly, modern and charming, with their bold color blocked look!

Wood Block Desk Organizer


Maybe all you need is just one wooden block to be your destined desk organizer and that is it! If that’s the case, you are the wizard of paring down! eHow has the perfect idea for an organizer that holds only the most important stationery and even has the place for your phone!

Corner Desk Organizer


Some people have a billion pencils, others have a billion notebooks! If you recognize yourself amongst the latter, you know your desk is in desperate need of a corner organizer. It’s time to tackle those piles of notebooks stacked at the end of your desk! The Lovely Drawer will help you out!

Clip-On Desk Organizers


We understand how valuable space is and we want to show you another solution for storing your stationery on your desk without it actually being on your desk! This brilliant clip-on desk organizers by Brit + Co are just what you need if you are always wishing for more work space!

Mountain Desk Organizer


A mountain desk organizer seems appropriate for a mountain of pencils! This one doesn’t have a designated place for each and every item of your stationery, so you can place them however you like and end up with an organized mountain! Check out Dream a Little Bigger for the details!

Doesn’t your desk feel better now that it’s neat and orderly? 

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