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DIY & Crafts: Strumming Fun: Fantastic DIY Projects For Kids Who Love Guitars 

Little musicians are every parent’s joy! Giving your kids the opportunity to artistically express themselves is a wonderful experience for the whole family. Naturally, real-deal instruments can get pricey and you might have doubts about trusting them into little hands that like to throw things. If your toddler is fascinated by guitars, the first step to their big rockstar career may just be one of these fantastic DIY guitar projects! 

Cardboard Guitars 


Meet cardboard and rubber bands, your number one guitar building materials! This simple project is ideal for spending some family time together while making your child’s very first instrument! They will beam with happiness and so will you! Get the details at Make It & Love It.

Guitar Shelf 


A guitar shelf is a wonderful way to repurpose an old guitar that isn’t serving its purpose anymore, but still has sentimental value! It’s a great idea for incorporating the guitar theme into your child’s bedroom and give them a source of musical inspiration! Budget Girl shares the tutorial!

Pineapple Ukulele 


A ukulele is often a very great place to start for children with guitar fever! They are small and incredibly cute, not to mention their significant uplifting sound. For an added effect of adorableness and quirkiness, follow Lovely Indeed‘s lead and turn the ukulele into a melodic yellow pineapple!

Painted Toy Guitars 


These toy guitars by Handmade Charlotte are for the little rockstars in the making who just aren’t happy with regular acoustic guitars and aim way higher. Give them something totally special and trendy! These unique colorful guitars will play a great role in your kid’s first (pretend) jam session!

Rubber Band Guitar 


Looking for a really quick guitar project that will both inspire your kid and keep them busy long enough for you to do the dishes? We’ve found just the one at Minico! It’s a really simplistic rubber band guitar that will, without a doubt, have a big sentimental value once your little human grows up (and chases his music dreams)!

Oil Can Guitar 


Every guitarist will tell you that each and every guitar is special and has a story behind it. We can imagine that telling the story behind this one will never get boring! Repurpose an old guitar neck and an oil can by making a DIY guitar! Ready to make your kid the coolest one on the block? Visit The Recreationalist to see the full process!

Guitar Strap 


All true guitar players need a neat guitar strap to accompany them on the musical adventures! As a guitarist, however young, one has to move around the stage and feel the music, so a guitar strap that holds the guitar in place is an absolute must! Peek at The House That Lars Built for the instructions!

Guitar Pick Necklace 


The iconic look of the guitar pick has always been a special accessory, but with a little help from Elfen Hardd you can make it personalized and one-of-a-kind! Maybe your  child isn’t ready to play the chords yet, but at least it’s never too early to start wearing guitar themed jewelry!

Guitar Planter 


Another amazing way to repurpose old guitars can be found at Instructables! If you only need a guitar to be a fabulous decor piece or a wall art like no other, turn it into a creative hanging planter that will give your kid’s room the most unique look yet!

Sparkly Guitar 


Maybe there’s already a fully functioning guitar at home and your kids are all over it – but they still deserve something special! Upgrade the guitar following the instructions by Making the World Cuter and turn it into a sparkly turquoise musical perfection!

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