DIY & Crafts: Stuck Inside? Work Through These 12 Origami Crafts! 

Nobody likes being stuck inside, but whether it’s because of rain, cold temperatures or our own health, sometimes we have no choice but to stay within the comfort of our own home. When that happens, don’t spend all of your time binge watching TV shows on Netflix. Instead, let your creativity out to play! If you need some ideas, here are 12 origami crafts that require just the paper, your time and the instructions!

1. Origami Kusudama Decoration


Decorating your home with hanging ornaments always pays off! They are a simple and efficient way to bring something new into your living space. I Creative Ideas has a detailed tutorial for this origami kusudama decoration, that will undoubtedly get a very special place within any room of your home!

2. Origami Lamp Shades 


For a modernistic soul, traditional lamp shades are a pain point. Bring an air of modern, dynamic and trendy into your environment with this fantastic origami lamp shade! Upgrading your lamp shade has never been easier, especially with Brit + Co right there by your side!

3. Origami Bunnies 


If this is your first go at origami and you solely want to make something that looks cute, these origami bunnies are a must! Making them might get addictive, so you may soon have a whole origami bunny family. Truth be told, simply looking at them uplifts our mood! Get your tutorial at Gathering Beauty.

4. Origami Stationary Boxes 


In need of a quick and simple storage space, for all those little stationary items that are always rolling off your desk? Don’t scroll past these origami boxes! They look very chic and won’t give you much trouble when making them. See the how-to at Tomfo!

5. Origami Flowers


To both lovers of origami and complete newbies, origami flowers are an all-time favorite. They are subtle and simple to make, just what you need if you find yourself itching to spend some minutes in your day on a quick craft! Find out more at Hungry Heart.

6. Origami Pikachu


Still not over Pokemon Go? Having withdrawals because it’s too cold outside to chase Pokemon? Let us relieve you of some of your pain with this incredibly adorable origami Pikachu! Make it yourself, to keep busy, by following the instructions at Paper Kawaii!

7. Origami Crane Garland


We’re sure you’ve come across origami cranes before and admired their gracefulness! The good news is, you can now make your very own and even create a garland out of them, one that will bring liveliness into your room and tempt your cat to paw at it. Details at Camille Styles!

8. Origami Heart 


With Valentine’s Day getting nearer, it’s time to start thinking about the gifts. Handmade presents are always better than the ones you buy, because they are personal and one of a kind! If you want to give your dearest valentine something completely unique, Eat Drink Chic has the tutorial for this lovely origami heart!

9. Origami Star 


On the first look they might make you wonder how in the world you’ll be able to make them, but rest assured, Lia Griffith is a very good teacher! Once you master the art of making these charming stars, you will want to make them in abundance and always add them into any gift bag, as a special touch!

10. Origami Butterfly 


Butterflies remind us of the power of transformation! They are also one of the first signs of spring and if the cold days are making you grumpy, surely these origami butterflies in warm tones can help with that. Check in with Go Origami!

11. Tiny Origami Stars


These tiny little origami stars are a joy to make! They have the power to put the extra in extraordinary!  Making a gift bag? Sprinkle some of them into it! Setting a table? Put them in your centerpiece! The possibilities are endless, but the instructions are only one, found at Dump a Day.

12. Origami Paper Vessel 


Take a look at these lovely origami pieces and envision where inside your home they will fit just right. If you often take thoughtfully arranged photographs for your online platforms, these origami paper vessels will also be a valuable part of the backdrop. Visit Fine Craft Guild for all the details!

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