DIY & Crafts: 15 Fun DIY Projects that Satisfy Your Love for Chevron

If you’re a visual person, then you probably understand what we mean when we say that sometimes we fall in love with patterns. Every once in a while, we see a visual shape that just appeals to us on a deeper level. Suddenly we find ourselves wanting to plaster that pattern all over our homes and maybe even ourselves! Lucky for us, crafting and DIY skills enable us to do just that (even though we still try to practice some self control). What’s our latest obsession when it comes to eye catching patterns, you ask? It’s chevron!

Check out these 15 awesome DIY crafts that will help you display your love for chevron proudly, whether your appreciation is stylish and subtle or a little more daring and pronounced.

1. Chevron pasta necklace


Do you remember making pasta noodle necklaces when you were a kid? Were you under the impression that you’re too old to make those now that you’ve grown up? Well, Design Sponge is here to remind you that you can actually make pasta necklaces for as many years as you want! We’re especially big fans of their design because it features chevron front and centre!

2. DIY chevron tray


Sometimes it’s nice to feature your favourite pattern in subtle ways throughout your home, particularly in things that you can use when you host guests. We think this adorably painted serving tray idea from Chez Larsson is the perfect way to show your fondness for the look without overwhelming the rest of your decor.

3. DIY chevron moccasins


Perhaps you love chevron so much that you’d like to incorporate it into your daily personal style? We love the way that Sincerely Kinsey combined chevron and comfort by painting the toes of their casual moccasins in a cute dual colour pattern. Use fabric or all surface paint to give the design staying power!

4. Chevron friendship bracelets


Honestly WTF reminds you that, much like we said with the pasta necklaces, you’re never too old to make embroidery floss friendship bracelets! We’re particularly fond of the kind that features an adorable rainbow chevron pattern. What’s better than your favourite design subtly complementing your outfit in the form of hints of bright colour?

5. Golden chevron wall paintings


Maybe you’re ready to make a statement in your home but you’d prefer that it not be permanent, as it would be if you painted an entire wall? Then sizeable wall art is a great way to go! Check out how Jess Lively made sure these DIY wall canvases were painted nicely, with clean, straight lines on each edge and corner.

6. Painted chevron tote bag


Perhaps your favourite kind of chevron is the kind that features as many colours as possible? Well, we’re certainly with you on that! We love the way Gingiber Snap carefully painted bright stripes down the front of this tote, making it more than just a reusable shopping bag. Each time you use it, you’ll be making a fashion statement. Try using completely different colours like a rainbow or different shades of the same colour to make a chevron shaped ombre gradient.

7. Chevron camera


A Beautiful Mess guides you through the process of adding clean, clear zig-zags to the front of your camera in a gorgeous chevron pattern. If you ask us, even the smallest hint of our favourite pattern is enough to brighten our day and we’re sure the people you’re photographing will have brighter smiles for the shot when they see how cheerful your camera looks!

8. Chevron friendship bracelet rug


Do you adore the knotted look of chevron shapes friendship bracelets so much that you wish you could feature that more prominently and in a home decor context? Well, The House That Lars Built has actually found the perfect way for you to do so! Check out how they made this awesome “friendship bracelet” style floor rug that’s made from strips of material using the same knotting techniques as the classic kids’ craft.

9. DIY chevron zippered clutch


The best part of loving chevron and crafting with it is that it’s already quite popular, meaning you can probably find fabric featuring the pattern fairly easily! This means that you’ll have lots of access to great colourful chevron designs for making simple sewing projects, just like this adorable zipping chevron clutch by Elle and Ish.

10. Chevron drinking straw earrings


Have you ever noticed that if you set two classically striped straws together at a particular angle, the stripes create a V-shaped pattern that looks just like chevron? This makes it surprisingly easy to use them for chevron patterned DIY! Check out how PS I Made This used angled straws to create cute dangling chevron earrings.

11. DIY chevron cards


Because chevron is such a visual pattern, and because it looks so cheerful when it’s created in bright colours, it makes the perfect choice in all different sizes for greeting and birthday cards! It’s fun to see when the envelope is opened and it’s fun for you to make when you create DIY cards, too. Check out how some of these pretty designs were made on Fiskars.

12. DIY chevron coat rack


Are you solid enough in your love for chevron that you’d like some bright decor in the pattern, but you’re looking for more of a subtle statement piece than a piece that takes over the entire room? Then we think you’ll enjoy this cute painted chevron coat rack by Lisa Storms! All you need besides the board and hooks are paint and tape to get those nice clean lines.

13. Chevron wooden wall decor


Are you a DIY enthusiast with experience in wood working and you’re looking for a chevron project that takes a little more of a hands-on approach? Then you’ll love this framed wall art from SF Girl by Bay! We’re particularly fond of how their design alternates blonde and dark wood for a bit of extra style and contrast that highlights how appealing the pattern itself is.

14. DIY chevron planter boxes


Are you a wood worker who loves the idea of wooden chevron but you’re not sure you need another piece of wall art right now? Try this adorable wooden planter design from Stuff Seth Makes instead! We’re huge fans of the idea of painting each angled slat a different colour, just like in these pictures. Imagine all of the different chevron colour combinations you could make!

15. Painted leather chevron cuff


Do you love the idea of chevron jewelry but knotted friendship bracelets don’t really represent your personal style? Try this painted leather cuff idea instead! Delighted Momma guides you through the process of creating a neat V-shaped pattern all the way down the cuff, using whatever colour paint you prefer. We quite like this neutral combination, but a bright contrast colour would add some style too!

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