DIY & Crafts: Cute Reindeer Crafts for Kids

Christmas may be over for the year, but that doesn’t mean your kids are ready to give up things like snowmen, reindeer, and elves quite yet. In fact, ours were asking us to help them make reindeer crafts just this morning, even though boxing day is upon. Until that tree gets taken down, they’ll probably be feeling the Christmas spirit for a few days yet!

Just in case your kids are still feeling festive in their craftiness too, here are 15 of the cutest reindeer crafts we came across this morning in our search for ways to keep our kids amused while we prepare more family dinner pieces!

1. Cardboard and clothespin reindeer


Are your kids asking for unexpected or last minute craft time like ours were this morning? Then choose a reindeer craft that doesn’t take too many supplies, or is made from things that you probably already have around the house. We love that these little reindeer are made from simple cardboard and two simple clothes pins attached as legs. Cover them in glitter and add features in marker or paint, just like Kids Activities Blog did.

2. Cupcake liner reindeer


Are you in the middle of baking all kinds of treats for ongoing family dinners between now and New Year’s Eve? Then you’ve already got what you need to help your kids make a great reindeer craft! Hand them a few cupcake liners, fold them into points just like Love and Marriage did here, stick them down, and give each one a face and some antlers!

3. Reindeer bell ornament


We’ve made little reindeer out of bells before and we love the way they jingle as we go to hang them up, but you might not always have bells available. Instead, try making your own bells out of miniature terracotta pots like Fireflies and Family did here. Glue on some googly eyes and a pom pom nose and add pipe cleaner antlers at the top!

4. Paper plate reindeer


Here’s another idea that’ll make craft time easy to coincide with dinner prep time, keeping both you and your kids busy together! Hand them some paper plates, glue, and paint, as well as googly eyes and red pom poms. We love the way finished their reindeer off by tracing their kids’ hands to make antler shapes!

5. Alphabet reindeer


Some of our favourite crafts to do with our kids are the ones that we can use as a teaching tool as well. Help them learn the alphabet, for example, by turning a cardboard cut out R into a reindeer! We like the way Crafty Morning made theirs to look like a side profile, complete with that same favourite trick, hand traced antlers.

6. Thumb print Rudolph


Do you have a few supplies that you could use to embellish a reindeer, but they’re smaller than what you’re seeing other crafters use to make their larger letter or cardboard reindeer? Then make a smaller version using your thumb print as the head! Check the whole idea out in more detail on Makes and Takes.

7. Reindeer gum


Do you have family coming over who you haven’t seen yet and you want to put something cute by their place settings or in the little stocking you’ve made up for each visitor? Have your kids help you transform packs of gum into little reindeer! See Vanessa Craft shows you how to wrap each gum pack in paper and turn them into adorable Rudolph recreations using pipecleaners, googly eyes, and a pom pom.

8. Pine cone reindeer ornaments


Do you have plenty of trees in your back yard? Then chances are good that you also have plenty of pine cones! Send your kids into the yard to collect as many pine cones as they can and then check out how Fireflies and Mud Pies turned them into cute little reindeer. Once again, pipecleaners, googly eyes, and little pom poms will be your best friends.

9. Hand print reindeer frame


Perhaps you’re looking for a reindeer craft that’s a little bit different and that you’re more likely to actually use for years to come? Then try helping your kids make a reindeer picture frame instead of just an ornament! Decorate the edges of the frame to look like a reindeer and then choose your favourite Christmas family picture to put inside or take and print a new one! See the whole idea in more detail on The Educator’s Spin on It.

10. Envelope reindeer


Have you been writing and signing Christmas cards for the relatives coming over for late Christmas dinner but you can’t help feeling that the envelopes are so plain compared to the fun cards inside? Then rally up your kids to help you decorate the outside of each one like a cute reindeer! Vix shows you how it’s done.

11. Popsicle stick reindeer


We’ve always been big fans of crafting with popsicle sticks. They’re easy to use, versatile for all different kinds of crafts, and our kids always have a blast building things with them. That’s why this cute little popsicle stick reindeer craft caught our eye so well! Glued to My Crafts shows you how to layer the sticks into a triangle and glue them down, adding features afterwards.

12. Bottle cap reindeer


Are you kind of tight for crafting supplies right now, but your kids are still ready and raring to go? The Country Chic Cottage suggests scrounging up what you do have and making the best of it! In this case, “the best” is completely adorable because you can make these mini reindeer out of bottle caps from the recycling bin and little twigs from the back yard! As long as you can find glue, googly eyes, buttons, and some ribbon to hang them up with, you’re set!

13. Egg carton reindeer


Perhaps you took a look in your recycling bin for last minute crafting supplies because you were looking for bottle caps for the craft above and you didn’t find any? Switch bins and look in the cardboard one instead! Do you see an egg carton? Then you’re just about set for making a whole team of reindeer ready to fly Santa’s sleigh, just like Well Nourished Nest did here.

14. Tube candy reindeer


Every Christmas when we were kids, we got candy cane shaped tubes filled with different candies in our stocking. We’ve kept up that tradition by giving them to our kids as well! Sometimes we simply pop them in the top of the stocking so they stick out like a teaser of what’s inside, but sometimes it’s more fun to get crafty with your presentation. That’s why we like this little candy tube reindeer from Happy Go Lucky so much! They used an empty toilet paper roll (you could use a length of brown construction paper instead if your tubes are too large), some googly eyes, and a yarn pom pom. The curves of the candy canes make the antlers!

15. Printable reindeer hat


Are your crafting supplies currently limited to just paint, glue, a bit of glitter, and some paper? Then perhaps a pre-made template that you can print and cut out is the best option for you! Kids’ Craft Room gives you exactly that and shows you how they coloured and embellished the adorable little antler hat once it was printed.

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