DIY & Crafts: DIY Dog Leashes for Your Furry Best Friend

It’s time to make some new leashes for your beautiful pup! Dogs love us unconditionally – this makes them the most amazing souls on this planet, so they surely deserve some new gear, as a token of our appreciation! While we’re sure they don’t need material things to be happy (isn’t this one of the things we love  about them so much?), it doesn’t hurt if you and your pup stay in style! Look at these DIY dog leashes and find one that will make Baxter a fancy pooch!

Ombre Leash


Ombre is still rocking the fashion trends and we can’t get enough of it! If you want to keep up with the latest trends even when you’re out on a walk, this is the leash you’ll want to have! Get the instructions at DIY Ready then take your dog and hit the nearest hiking trail!

Paracord Leash


The process of making this one almost feels like meditation – the braiding is something that will require your focus, but once you get the hang of it, it will totally run smoothly! Visit Snapguide and put your braiding skills to the test with this superb paracord leash!

Sewn Leash


If you are a sewing enthusiast and know your way around a sewing machine, this project will feel like a breeze to you! It’s a wonderful way to make a personalized dog leash that really fits your (dog’s) taste! Totally Stitchin’ has the step by step tutorial!

Technicolor Leash  


This magnificent leash will make you and your pooch the stars of the dog park. It’s time for the lady with the cute pug to give up her throne! The vivid leash is a joy to look at and you will have so much fun making it! Find the instructions at Studio DIY and get ready to make everybody jealous!

Rope Leash


Rope leashes are currently incredibly popular, due to their simplicity and durability! This one is a great example of a classic rope leash, but it also has a practical handle that’s easy on your hands, especially if your dog is an eager puller (Husky owners where you at?!). Get the how-to at Instructables and rock the rope leash!

T-Shirt Leash


We all have an old T-shirt at hand that just isn’t serving its purpose anymore. With this idea by Two Little Cavaliers you can turn it into a fantastic dog leash! It’s unique, it looks great and it’s super soft to chew on – just in case your puppy is a leash chewer or you want to include some play time in your daily walks!

Tassel Leash


Why not try out some tassels? They will adorably swing left and right as you are strolling around with your four-legged partner in crime! He may or may not start chasing them, but it’s all in a good fun! You will find the tutorial for this fun leash at Style Me Pretty.

Tie Dye Leash


This tie dye leash has a simple tone to it, but you can really make it noticeable with your own choice of color! If you have more than one dog this is the perfect opportunity to make a few leashes and pick a different color for each dog! Find more details at Curbly and prepare for a rainbow dog pack!

Nautical Leash


Treat yourself and your dog to this real-deal nautical leash! Brit + Co has an amazing tutorial not only for the leash, but also a matching toy and a few more awesome dog DIYs – all at once! If you haven’t decided on your dog’s Christmas presents yet, now’s the time to get inspired!

Making a special DIY project for our four-legged companions is the least we can do in return for all the love they give us!

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