DIY & Crafts: Super Fun Crafts Made with Pom Poms

Have you ever used scrap yarn to make awesome, brightly coloured pom poms? Well, making the poms poms themselves isn’t the only element of DIY involved in these fluffy little crafting tools. Once your pom poms are made (or even bought at the store; have you even seen the kind with glitter strips throughout?) there are endless possibilities with how you can use them!

Check out these 15 super fun pom pom crafts that are fun for kids and adults alike.

1. Basic yarn pom poms


Just in case you read the first line of this post and thought “Wow, I’ve never tried that”, here’s an great yarn pom pom tutorial! Handimania guides you through the process of making pom poms in two different ways, as well as two different sizes!

2. Giant pom pom throw


Do you love nothing more than curling up in a warm, soft blanket at the end of a cold day, then we think we’ve found the blanket for you. Besides being large and cozy, it’s covered in massive, soft pom poms. Vintage Revivals shows you how to make the whole thing, right down to each fuzzy puff (you could also simply customize a pre-made blanket if you don’t knit or crochet)!

3. Pom pom party garland


Are you throwing a party for someone with fun, quirky style who likes to think outside the box? We’d definitely take that as an opportunity for some super creative DIY decor! We recently made this pom pom garland by Honestly WTF and strung it all over the back yard just like this for a barbecue. Make sure you string it up solidly, cause people just won’t be able to resist touching all that brightly coloured fuzz!

4. Hanging pom pom pendant


Have you always liked the way decorative mobiles look but you’re looking for something more quirky than the average string sphere? Try this crazy, brightly coloured option instead! We love that you get both a visual experience and a bit of texture with this design. Find out how it’s made on A Subtle Revelry.

5. Pom pom heart pillow


Even the pom poms you buy at the store are adorable, especially if you get them in bright neon colours! We love the way this heart pillow by My Sister’s Suitcase brightens up a space with just a hint of colour and texture, without overwhelming the whole place. You could choose a more subtle pom pom colour as well, but we’re pretty big fans of neon!

6. Pom pom statement clutch


If you love pom poms, then you’ll absolutely adore the strips of pom pom fringe you’ll find at your nearest crafting or sewing store! There are hundreds of awesome projects you can make with these strips, but we adore the way Court and Hudson used pom pom fringe to add some flair to the border of a clutch purse, giving it extra personality by combining two bright colours.

7. Pom pom party balloons


Are you so in love with your new pom pom party garlands that you can’t resist the idea of making more pom pom themed party decor? Then we have just the thing for you! Check out how Design Improvised jazzed up some simple white balloons by sticking tiny, sparkly little pom poms all over the surface!

8. Pom pom pumps


In Style suggests revamping an older pair of pumps using the same strips of pom pom edging that you saw earlier on the list on the edge of a clutch! You might choose a colour that matches the shoes, like this picture, or you might add a little extra personality by sticking on pom poms in a brighter shade.

9. Comfy pom pom chair


Are you ready for a really unique statement piece that screams your love for pom poms across the whole house? Then you absolutely need to check out this awesome pom pom chair by Makezine! We love the idea of using many colours and creating a sort of pom pom collage, but you might also consider making one in a single colour if your current decor is already loud with potential to clash.

10. Unique pom pom lamp shade


Do you like the idea of statement pom poms in your home decor but the chair is just ever so slightly too wild for you? Try lining the top edge of a lamp shade with pom poms instead! You might choose a colour of yarn that matches the paint on the walls, or perhaps one that’s present in a few of your accent pieces in order to draw the shade out further. Check out how this one was made on Depto 51.

11. Pom pom statement necklace


See? We told you those pom pom edging strips would be useful! We love this design in particular because the contrast with the gold chain adds and edgier touch that we’re very prepared to accessorize with elsewhere in an outfit. Check out how it’s made on Honestly WTF!

12. Pom pom and branch bouquet


Faux flowers are cute, but we’ve just discovered the invention of pom pom branches that kind of look like flowers and we’re not sure we’ll ever go back to our old petaled ways. Pop these simple little crafts in a vase once you’ve chosen the pom poms you want to glue on each branch, and call it a day! Thanks goes to Me & him for the idea.

13. Crazy pom pom mat


Did you like the clustered rainbow look of the pom pom chair so much that you want to replicate it elsewhere in your house too? Then this awesomely bright floor mat is the project for you! You’ll be surprised at how easy these are to make, and they’re also a fantastic way to use up scrap yarn. See how it’s done on PoppyTalk.

14. Mini pom pom earrings


Are you so in love with the tiny sparkly pom poms you found at the craft store last week that you bought enough packages to give you at least two of every colour? Then get organizing them into pairs and grab your blank earrings posts, because it’s time to make hilarious studs! You could even mix and match colours. Check them out on The 36th Avenue.

15. Dotted pom pom sweater


Are you so in love with pom poms that you just want to roll around in them and stay covered in them all day? Well, if you make your own version of this awesome pom pom sweater by I Spy DIY then you can actually kind of do that! Cover the sleeves or cover the entire thing- whatever you like best!

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