Fashion & beauty: DIY Coats and Awesome Jackets for Cold Weather

Altering clothing for fall is one of our favorite ways to spend our down time and keep some DIY on our schedules during our autumn rush at work. No matter how busy we are, we always love to sit down and customize some things so that we get “new” fall fashion; but in a budget friendly way. When most people think of “alterations”, we find they think of smaller projects like winter accessories. Did you know, however, that’s it’s almost ridiculously easy to alter bigger clothing pieces too?

Check out these 15 amazing jacket customization ideas that are way easier than you’d imagine and will keep you stylish and crafty all throughout the autumn season!

1.  Pleather fringe jacket


We’re huge fans of wearing leather jackets in the fall. They’re warm enough to keep you toasty, but you’ll still survive the occasional hot fall day without melting like you would if you went straight to your fur lined parka. We find, however, that we get a bit bored with plain black. You can jazz your jacket design up a little bit in an easy way just by adding something as simple as a bit of pleather fringe! See how it’s done on Dushonok.

2. Fabric block quotes


Denim jackets are another great fall option because they’re warm but light, but we often find ourselves feeling the same way we feel about leather- they can be quite plain. As a DIY enthusiast, however, we’re sure you know that denim jackets can be jazzed up in endless ways! One of our favourite ways to give denim personality is by using patches, and what better way to make a real patched statement than with clear block letters? Check out how this jacket was made using a large fabric applique patch on Fall Denim.

3. Sewn patch jacket back


Maybe you love the idea big block text on your jacket but you’d rather not have a square of fabric behind your letters? Try making a DIY lettered patch instead! Pick a small quote or something letters or initials that mean something to you (acronyms work well) and follow the steps on The Fashion Spot.

4. Purposely distressed denim jacket


Are you a big fan of denim jackets but you actually like them best when they look anything but new? We love that look too. Waiting for your denim jacket to wear out, however, will definitely take you longer than this fall season (unless you plan on rolling around on the ground a lot while you wear it, but were don’t recommend that)! Instead, follow in I Spy DIY‘s lead and try purposely distressing your denim jacket for a stylishly weathered look!

5. Patchworked fabric appliques


Maybe you didn’t mind the fabric applique patch idea from above but you’d rather fancy patterns then words? Well, that’s totally a possibility too! In fact, it’s such a good idea that Brit + Co. already has a whole tutorial laid out for you to follow in making your own. Pick any complementary or stylishly contrasting patterns and colours you want! We love how they filled the back between the seams in this picture.

6. Trendy blanket coat


If you’re a fan of reading high fashion magazines, then you’d noticed just as well as we have that massive shawls and blanket wraps are at the height of style this year. To be honest, we couldn’t be happier about it! What better way to keep cozy in the fall than basically bringing your favourite blanket with you, but still looking stylish at the same time? Harper’s Bazaar shows you how to make your own fashionable version (without just grabbing the quilt off your bed and walking out the door).

7. DIY draping trench coat


Are you up for a little more of a sewing challenge than your basic coat alteration would call for? Then you’re in luck! Ovoke guides you through the process of making a pattern and sewing yourself not just a coat, but a fashionably draping trench coat like the ones you’ll find in magazines this season.

8. DIY cape jacket


Do you like the idea of a poncho but it’s always kind of bugged you to wear one because there’s nowhere for your arms to really go? We feel the same way! Because we liked the draping style so much, however, we were obviously pretty pleased when we came across this simple cape tutorial from MeeshaTV, particularly since it has useful slit sleeves! We’re completely in love with the old fashioned clasps as well.

9. Reversible kids’ coat


What’s better then getting two pieces of kids’ clothing for the price of one, especially when it comes to outer wear? We sure can’t think of anything! For parents or relatives who sew, here’s the perfect project for the child in your life who could use more than one stylish little fall coat at once. Get the full instructions for making this design from Bead and Cord.

10. Lace applique cuffs


Perhaps you’re not quite ready to sew yourself a whole garment and you had something a little more subtle and pretty in mind? Then working with lace is probably the perfect touch to get the style you were going for! Check out how Bead and Cord added pieces of lace like appliques just around the cuffs on each sleeve.

11. “Thrown over shoulder” style jacket


Did you like the cape style but you’re not actually sure how you felt about the slit sleeves on either side? Then perhaps this over-the-shoulder throw coat is a little more your style! It’s a perfect blend of about three other designs on this list, just in case none of them have nearly hit the mark but not quite tickled your fancy yet. Check the design out in more detail on Love Aesthetics!

12. Knitted textured cardigan


Are you an avid knitter who’s just been waiting throughout this whole list so far for the big knitting project that’s going to keep you busy and keep you warm this year? Well, here it finally is! We’re more than a little bit crazy about this textured cardigan style coat featured on Gina Michele (in fact, we’re not kidding when we say we’ve actually knit three of these in real life already).

13. Poncho made from a skirt


Perhaps you’re looking for a fall coat design that actually upcycles rather than just one that’s made from brand new materials? We love those projects too because they’re always a little more cost effective! Check out how Maje Zmaje transformed this old woolen skirt into a gorgeous poncho that’ll probably keep your warmer than anything from the trendy stores in the mall.

14. Wrapping cardigan


Cardigans are always nice to have, especially if they’re thick enough to pass as a coat on a warm fall day, but we find we get bored with wearing the same style of cardigan day in and day out each fall. It can be hard, however, to find varying styles than the classic in stores. Instead, try making yourself this wrapping style cardigan from By Brittany Goldwyn!

15. Oversized faux fur coat


Of course we had to include a glamorous faux fur option for the divas among our readers (and our staff)! How could we skip a DIY design that gets you such fantastic results? This project does require some sewing knowledge and we should warn you that sewing with faux fur is a messy process when it comes to cutting, but we promised you that the final product is totally worth it! Check out the details on See Kate Sew.

Time to revamp your fall wardrobe with these cool ideas for a cozy fall!

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