Food & recipes: 15 Delicious Recipes Just for Vanilla Lovers

Rich flavours like chocolate are decadent and delicious, while spicier flavours like ginger give you a mouthwatering kick, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy something sweet with a taste that’s a little more subtle. That’s where we find vanilla to be the answer to all of our food cravings!

Check out these 15 amazing vanilla flavoured snacks that will satisfy your craving and tickle your taste buds!

1.Vanilla cake with vanilla bean browned butter glaze


Sometimes when we see an intriguing recipe, we read it and decide that it’s actually a little bit too much of one flavour in one place. For example, dark chocolate cakes with dark chocolate icing can be a little bit rich for some peoples’ tastes. When it comes to vanilla, however, we’re pretty into the idea of all vanilla everywhere! The flavour is light enough that this vanilla cake with vanilla bean browned butter glaze on top by Averie Cooks sounds just right.

2. Vanilla bean blueberry lemon and cream cheese swirl sticky buns


Unlike the recipe above, sometimes it’s nice to work vanilla into recipes that have other hugely contrasting flavours to make an interestingly mouthwatering combination! Here you have the light sweetness of vanilla bean up against juicy blueberries, lemon, and cream cheese, all in a sticky glaze. We’re practically drooling just thinking about it. Get the full details on Half Baked Harvest !

3. Vanilla bean whipped cream


As if regular whipped cream isn’t a sweet enough treat already, Half Baked Harvest has concocted a recipe that actually contains sweet hints of vanilla rather than just the normal creamy deliciousness you’re used to. This whipped cream will taste good on any number of desserts, or simply dip your favourite fruits and berries in it!

4. Bacon almond vanilla bean brittle


Is your favourite kind of dessert one that contrasts sweet and salty flavours? Then perhaps you’ve been just as obsessed with the bacon flavoured dessert trend as we have! You name it we’ve tried it- maple bacon donuts, bacon caramel cupcakes, sugared bacon croissants; the whole nine yards. Imagine how pleased we were, then, when we discovered this bacon, almond, and vanilla bean brittle snack! Find out how the whole crunchy delight is made on How Sweet Eats.

5. Coconut-vanilla bean cake with coconut meringue buttercream frosting


We can firmly say, without a doubt, that coconut and vanilla are two of our very favourite flavours to enjoy together. No matter what time of year it is, enjoying something with a vanilla base and a coconut accent makes us feel like we’re on a tropical beach, or at least a sunny patio. That’s why we’ve actually made Brown Eyed Baker‘s coconut vanilla cake so many times! In fact, we even made it for our own birthday this year. The coconut meringue buttercream frosting is nothing short of decadent.

6. Vanilla bean baked donuts


If you ask us, donuts are just one of those things that you don’t always need crazy flavours to enjoy. Sure, sometimes is nice to try something novelty and fun looking, but usually when we crave a donut, we’re just craving something simple and glazed. Next time you feel that way, try making The Faux Martha‘s homemade vanilla bean baked donuts rather than trekking to the coffee shop and buying one that’s been sitting out all day!

7. Mini vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting


Are you hosting a party where you know everyone will enjoy a little sweet treat, but you also know that smaller novelty portions will be more successful than hugely decadent desserts? We find mini cupcakes particularly successful at parties where people are eating buffer or finger food style, or where there are lots of kids who might be amused by tiny foods. Our favourite mini recipe is, of course, this double vanilla extravaganza from Damn Delicious!

8. Vanilla bean olive oil ice cream


Are you a huge ice cream fan whose body or dietary restrictions just don’t agree with regular ice cream, but you’re not ready to give up your favourite treat yet? Well, you shouldn’t have to! Thanks to this recipe from Completely Delicious, you can still enjoy the taste of rich vanilla bean ice cream by making it out of olive oil rather than more traditional and harder to digest ingredients.

9. Vanilla bean creme brulee cheesecake bars


If you’ve been reading our posts for a while now then you already know that we have a huge affinity for recipes that blend our favourite desserts together into one treat. That’s exactly why we couldn’t stand to leave these delicious bars from Handle the Heat off our list! They perfectly combine the flavours of vanilla bean, creme brulee, and cheesecake with every bite.

10. Vanilla bean coconut quinoa pudding


We already talked about loving vanilla and coconut together, but perhaps you’re looking for a yummy dessert option along those lines that’s a little bit healthier than a buttercream smothered cake? Then this amazing quinoa pudding from Half Baked Harvest is the recipe for you! You’ll still get that delicious blend of vanilla and coconut, but this time it’s accompanied by more texture and flavour, including things like almond slivers and raspberries if you choose!

11. Vanilla bean coffee syrup


Have you been reading this entire post just hoping for a coffee recipe to come along? We fully admit that our very favourite flavour to add to our coffee is vanilla! Store bought syrups, however, can be expensive and full of ingredients that many people’s bodies have trouble with. Instread, try making your own sweet vanilla bean coffee syrup! How Sweet Eats shows you how it’s done.

12. Vanilla bean cheesecake blueberry pie


Okay, we’re guilty. We’ve tracked down another dessert blending recipe but we don’t think you’ll mind because it’s a really good one! This mason jar cheesecake combines hints of vanilla bean with cheesecake and blueberry pie and you can find the details for each scrumptious layer on Damn Delicious. What more could we ask for?

13.  Vanilla bean and brown sugar caramelized banana jam


Category is: very unique recipes that still give you hints of your favourite flavour! When we decided to write a post about vanilla, homemade jams definitely weren’t the first thing that came to our minds, but then we saw this recipe from Averie Cooks and now we’re practically ready to leave our list for later so we can make this right away! Besides delicious vanilla bean, this jam gives you brown sugar and caramelized bananas for a sweet yet fruity flavour experience.

14. Pear vanilla bean cupcakes


When we think of fruit pairings that go with vanilla, our minds don’t automatically go to pears. The more we concentrate on the topic, however, the more we remember loving that precise combination as a scent in body sprays and candles, so why shouldn’t it taste good too? Annie’s Eats is here to remind you that it’s actually a great flavour blend, particularly in cupcakes.

15. Rhubarb vanilla bean panna cotta tart


One of the best things about vanilla flavours and vanilla bean is that it’s just naturally sweet enough to make it perfect for balancing more tart flavours. This makes it the perfect partner for things like rhubarb, giving you a whole flavour story line with each bite. We’ve actually made this delicious panna cotta tart by Hummingbird High before and we can assure you that it’s the perfect blend of tartness and vanilla.

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