Food & recipes: Delicious Homemade Simple Syrups that Beat Gourmet Treats

If you’re a big fan of sweet drinks and desserts, then you’re probably already familiar with the beauty of simple syrups. Whether you prefer them simply sweet or flavored for a little extra kick, simple syrups are a great way to treat yourself to something really tasty. Did you know, however, that it’s extremely easy to make your own instead of paying high prices for gourmet flavored syrups at the store? Homemade recipes are usually healthier too!

Check out these 15 recipes for DIY simple syrup that you’ll hardly be able to resist using in just about everything!

1. Rose and rye simple syrup


Are you a fan of unique, slightly more gourmet flavours when it comes to your sweet treats, rather than more classic tastes like vanilla? Well, we think floral hints are the perfect way to create the flavour experience you’re looking for! Find out how to make this delicious rose and rye combination on Saveur.

2. Lavender rose simple syrup


Do you love the idea of adding floral flavours to your drinks and foods but you’re put off by the idea of rye from above? Consider keeping the rose aspect but replace the rye with more floral! Hello Glow suggests lavender for a perfectly subtle but delicious contrast.

3. Thai chili simple syrup


Not every simple syrup has to be just simple and sweet! If you’re looking for a taste that has more of a kick then we suggest this Thai chili recipe that’s perfect for a unique and flavourful cocktail. Check out how it’s made on Saveur.

4. Raspberry strawberry infused syrup


Would you rather something with a fruity kick in place of a subtle floral bloom or a bit of spice? Then Bon Appetit has you covered! We’re practically drooling over the idea of a sweet, fruity syrup made of strawberries and raspberries.

5. Herb infused simple syrup


Maybe you’d like a sweet flavour that, miraculously, still has hints of a more savory taste? Simple syrups made with herbs are the perfect way to get that! Tori Avey teaches you how to make them from ingredients like basil, rosemary, and mint.

6. Malay spiced syrup


Saveur reminds you that some simple syrups are designed to add flavour and spice rather than just sugar and sweetness. This recipe gives you hints of cardamom, persimmon, and lemon for a really well rounded taste experience.

7. Blackberry lavender syrup


Do you like the idea of a berry simple syrup but raspberries and strawberries aren’t your favourite? Try using blackberries instead for a deeper, slightly more rich flavour! We love this idea from Saveur for combining the berries with a bit of lavender.

8. Lavender vanilla simple syrup


Lavender is a great flavour for mixing with all kinds of drinks and treats because it’s subtle but still amps things up for a better taste. It’s quite similar to vanilla in that way, so imagine how delicious a combination of the two will be! Get the instructions for making it on Shalom Mama.

9. Caramel coffee syrup


We’ve given you a few alternatives to the classic sweet syrup flavours, but we simply can’t resist them any longer! Caramel simple syrup is an absolutely delicious way to spice up all kinds of things, but we like it best in our morning coffee. Find out a great way to make it on Sprinkle of Sugar.

10. Mixed fruit simple syrup


Are you pretty much only here for the fruit flavoured ideas? Then you’re going to love this page on This Heart of Mine. They’re here to teach you how to make a mouthwatering simple syrup out of just about any fruit and berry combination you can think of.

11. Lemonade simple syrup


A Few Shortcuts gives you one of the most useful simple syrup recipes we’ve seen so far! This lemon flavoured syrup is useful for all kinds of things, but we love that it’s actually intended to help you make lemonade quickly and easily any time you need a refreshing citrus fix.

12. Peach simple syrup


One of our very favourite summer flavours is when we bite into a ripe, juicy peach. Peaches, however, aren’t seasonal all year round, so there are only a few months of the year when they taste particularly delicious. In the meantime, get your fill of peach flavours by making things using this scrumptious syrup recipe from Foodie Misadventures.

13. Honey simple syrup


Sometimes you have a sweet tooth and you just need some sweetness. One of our favourite ways to sweeten things is with honey, but depending on what you’re adding it to, plain honey can be overpowered by other tastes. Spoon and Saucer suggests making a honey flavoured simple syrup to add instead in order to avoid that!

14. Vanilla rhubarb simple syrup


Maybe you’d like your sweetness to have a bit of a deliciously tart kick? Rhubarb is the absolute best for that! It’s also got a unique flavour all its own that’s well complimented by a small hint of vanilla. Check out how to get the perfect ratio of the two on Evermine.

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