DIY & Crafts: 10 Unique DIY Cork Crafts that Move Away from the Usual

Cork is a versatile material to use. It’s durability makes it the perfect material to use when it comes to crafting gorgeous DIY items. The easiest things to make out of cork are coasters, mouse pads and bath mats; however, there are plenty of other items that you can create with it. Our roundup today focuses on gorgeous and unique cork crafts that move away from the mundane and allow you to express your creativity.

1. Cork iPad Case


Do you have an iPad cover for your case that’s a bit outdated? Or maybe you don’t have one at all, but have been thinking about buying something from your nearest store. Well, how about making your own iPad cover out of cork? This is what Creme de la Craft has done by fashioning this durable, protective cover.

2. Cork Covered Pencil Cups


Do you need a container to hold your pens and pencils in style? Then why not make cork covered pencil cups which promise to add to the uniquness of your home workspace or office. The 3 R’s has more on these handy delights.

3. Embroidered Cork Trivet


Ravenna Girls offer a smart idea which allow you to turn old pieces of cork into an ergonomic trivet. Add lovely pastel colors to give this cool trivet a spring-infused charm or opt for bolder and brighter hues that blend in with the accent colors of the room it sits in.

4. Cork State Coasters


Time to showcase some regional pride with uber-cool cork coasters! Making your own cork state coasters is pretty easy and you can obviously take this up a notch with a country-shaped coaster or even a wall art piece that brings together the entire world. Thanks I Made It guide you through the basics of the project.

5. Cork Place Holders


This easy to do design from Almost Makes Perfect uses wine bottle corks to craft simple and elegant place holders. This is an idea that gives your summer or fall party a smart and distinctive little twist and those interested in more DIY wine cor crafts can check them out HERE.

6. Cork Letter Board


This funky cork letter board is the perfect place to hold your notes, leetters and your ‘to do list’. This will make a lovely addition in someone’s room or even in the busy kitchen. Bliss Bloomberg have more on how to get this cork letter board done in absolutely no time whatsoever.

7. Cork Air Planter


If you love the idea of plants, but don’t necessarily look after them too well, why not make your own air planter out of cork? These plants require very little upkeep, but make wonderful additions to your home. To make your own, check out Vertical Gardener and add a few personal touches to create your own version of the cork air planter.

8. Cork Ring


Making your own ring has never been easier than with the use of cork as your ring material. This versatile material makes a great idea for a ring that you will love to wear all the time. To make your own easy to do ring, check out Bycrina for more information.

9. Cork Push Pins


These lovely cork push pins from Crafts Unleashed will make a smart addition to your kitchen. What better way to keep something important secure than with your very own cork push pins! Simple and fun to craft, these are a great for those who have little time to spare over weekends.

10. Cork Gift Tags


Wrap your presents up this year with a unique cork gift tag that barely takes any time to craft. The Merry Thought offer you ample inspiration for crafting your own gift tags so that you are all set once Thanksgiving and Christmas roll in!

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