DIY & Crafts: Affordable Ease: Cute and Useful DIY Diaper Bags

Preparing for your new baby is an interesting adventure because it’s a very unique and exciting thing to experience. But it can also be somewhat stressful because of the time and money it requires. You also have to make sure you’re really ready by the time the baby arrives! For some people, taking on a few of the baby essentials as DIY projects is both practical and peaceful. You might save money on homemade things over brand name ones, and you also might get a bit of relaxation in the chaos while you craft away.

To help you out with at least one essential baby requirement, here’s a list of 15 DIY diaper bags that you’ll absolutely love both using and making!

1. Two-toned fabric tote


Just because a diaper bag is a practical necessity doesn’t mean it has to be boring or look out of style! We love this two-toned bag tutorial from Make It, Love It because it shows you how to create a bag that will actually look like part of your outfit rather than covering the clothing you chose for the day.

2. “Detour” diaper bag


Make Baby Stuff guides you through the process of making a diaper bag that buttons across the top in order to make sure that your things don’t fall out as you travel around throughout the day. At the same time, choosing a button fastener like this one instead of a zipper keeps the bag open just enough to give you easy access to things like baby wipes, in case you need them very suddenly!

3. Double patterned fabric diaper bag


Is your personal style all about the visuals? Then you’ll probably be a big fan of this double patterned fabric bag by My Crafty Side! We love the size and how spacious it is so that you can really fit everything you need inside.

4. Plenty of pockets duffel


Sew Can Do shows you how to make a diaper bag that stays closer with a gathering draw string top in order to give you easy access to your things while still keeping them contained. Like its name denotes, it also has plenty of pockets so you can keep yourself organized and ready to go!

5. Patterned ruffled tote


Are you looking for a diaper bag that’s a little more stylish but still cute enough to be a baby tote? We absolutely love this layered ruffle design by Crazy Little Projects. We also love, however, that you could do it in any pattern of fabric to suit your own tastes!

6. Quilted ambrosia tote


Do you have a number of coloured and patterned fabric ends that are too gorgeous to get rid of or donate, but that you’re not sure how to use yet? Amanda Murphy Design has a baby-friendly answer for you! This adorable quilted diaper bag gives you a gorgeous statement piece to carry that visually suits its purpose but still lets you feel stylish.

7. “It’s a cinch” bag


Do you like the idea of bags that close at the top but are still zipper free so that you can grab things easy, but the ones you’ve seen so far don’t quite tickle your fancy? Instead, try making this big cinching tote by Sweet Verbena!

8. Double fabric messenger bag


Messenger style bags make great diaper bags because, once again, the flap keeps your things contained but still easily accessible. They’re also just a cute style for wearing! This tutorial by Crazy Little Projects walks you through the process of making a basic messenger bag with an across-the-body strap that makes it easy to carry.

9. Boxy messenger bag


Do you prefer a square style bag that lets you pile things inside with a little more organization than some of the sack style diaper bags with seamed or rounded bottoms? We’re in love with this adorable pattern from Riley Blake Designs and, if you’re the kind of person who tends to carry two extras of everything, then we think you will be too!

10. “Oh baby” diaper bag


If you’re looking for a DIY bag design that has basically all of the great features you’ve seen so far combined in one place, then this pattern by Sew 4 Home is probably just what you’re looking for. Rather than just being a tote bag that you could use as a diaper bag, like one or two of our previous suggestions, this bag is actually designed with parent and baby needs in mind.

11. Reversible messenger bag


Are you an avid purse switcher who tends to get tired of having to carry the same colour and pattern of bag around all the time? Then Snips and Spice has just the solution you’re looking for! This bag is reversible so that you can switch up your look, but it’s equally practical and useful (and also adorable) no matter which way you flip it.

12. Unfolding diaper bag and changing station


Are you a big fan of making things that serve more than one purpose? This unfolding diaper bag is probably everything you’ve been hoping to make for yourself, and we’re not sure you’ll find a design like this in stores either! Besides having pockets and compartments for literally everything you might need, the bag completely unfolds so that the bottom of it becomes a changing pad, with compartments of baby things laid out to each side. You’ll be able to change a diaper anywhere! Get the full tutorial on Diary of a Mad Crafter.

13. “Frou frou” baby bag


Are you looking for a classically shaped baby bag that simply gets the job done, with a pocket or two for bonus storage? Check out this tutorial on Sew Sweetness to make yourself the ideal bag to fit your needs.

14. Dolly diaper bag


If you’re hoping for another simple diaper bag but none of the ones you’ve seen so far have caught your eye, then you need to check out the “dolly bag” by Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night! Besides being simple to make, wear, and use, the fabric design they’ve chosen is absolutely adorable. You might choose something different, but we’re confident that you’d be able to find something similar to this if that’s what you really wanted too!

15. “Lil Hitchhiker” diaper backpack


Have you been dreading choosing or making a diaper bag because you’re the kind of person who always has their hands full and you need something that won’t make your life more difficult? This pattern form Birch Fabrics has the solution: a DIY diaper backpack! You’ll be able to move around much more quickly to scoop up your little ones once they’re walking and on the move.

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