DIY & Crafts: Beachy Inspiration: 10 DIY Seashell Projects

Picture this: summer, hot sun, the beach, the sea. Pure relaxation. Somehow, seashells embody all of that and even if we find ourselves far away from the seaside, they make us feel as if the beach isn’t too far away. Dive into the seashell crafts and experience summer through the loveliest beach themed projects! If you need inspiration, we’ve rounded up top 10 DIY seashell projects for you to find your perfect match!

1. Seashell Necklace


Starting with a seashell necklace, this is a perfect project if you want to carry a spirit of the sea everywhere you go! It will also be a magical addition to your summer dresses! Visit Creative Savings and make it today!

2. Simple Shell Art


Wall art is always a good idea! Pairing the seashells with a dreamy blue background brings the spirit of the sea into the house, embracing the essence of summer even more! The project is super quick and will suit all those who love minimalism! Find instructions at The Party Teacher.

3. Shell Hair Pins


If the summer trend of wearing flowers in your hair leaves you cold, you can totally swap them for seashells! We’re pretty sure it counts as being one step closer to becoming a mermaid and feeling like you’re Ariel! See the details at Swell Life!

4. Seashell Flowerpots


Are you tired of looking at your boring terra cotta flowerpots? Add some seashells to them to make them special! The seashells will instantly make the pots look neat and well arranged! Head over to Martha Stewart for a how-to!

5. Seashell String Lights


You can make your very own seashell string lights in a matter of minutes and it won’t cost you more than $5! All Things Charming described the process of making it and the end result looks absolutely magical!

6. Seashell Bouquet


This is an excellent example of how you can include some seashells into your summer wedding! But if you’re not currently getting married, you can still just make this bouquet as a flower arrangement! Either way, you’ll want to visit Shell Crafter!

7. Seashell Wind Chime


Every time a breeze of wind comes into your house it will rattle this stunning wind chime, making you think of the beach! It looks incredibly orderly and if you place it somewhere with a lot of sunlight, the seashells will reflect it all day long! Visit Curly Made for all the details!

8. Seashell Planter


Another great idea for a planter, this one completely dressed in shells! It looks so good you’ll definitely want to make more than just one, which will consequently result in having more plants in your home! Head over to Billabong if you want to learn more!

9. Seashell Basket


You can use the seashells to decorate even the most casual things and this basket from Petticoat Junktion is the perfect example of that. Whatever you decide to use it for, it will continually bring a spirit of summer and sea into your household. Who wouldn’t want that?!

10. Seashell Wreath


Seasonal wreaths are the absolute best. They’re quick to make and they really make us embrace the vibe of the season! Hang a shell wreath on your wall or door and let the beachy vibes come! Gina Michelle will show you how!


Do you love seashell crafts? Tell us which one of these projects appeals to you most!!

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