DIY & Crafts: Knitting Patterns for Dads, Husbands, and Boyfriends

When it comes to knitting for those you love, choosing a colour and a pattern can be difficult. Not only do you have to choose and colour and a style or garment that you know the person will like, but you also want to make sure that it’s a project you’ll enjoy making as well!

To help you out with at least a couple of the people in your life, here are some of our favourite patterns for dads, husbands, sons, brothers, and boyfriends!

1. Cotton knitted tie


All Free Knitting guides you through the process of knitting a simple cotton tie. The stitch is subtle, letting you get as neutral or as crazy with the colour as you like (or, rather, as the person you’re making it for will like)! Home knitted ties might not sound very formal, but we think they actually look quite smart paired with a nice outfit for a special occasion.

2. “All About That” hat


If you ask us, there’s no such thing as “too many warm hats”. So, if you want to knit your beloved something nice, simple, and practical, this striped hat pattern from Red Heart is definitely a safe bet! Choose his two favourite colors or perhaps two colours that match his winter coat well.

3. “Man Hands” fingerless gloves


Besides the hilarious name, there’s a lot to love about this fingerless glove pattern! It’s simple, it’s visually very nice, and it’s also a useful gift for any man who’s always working with his hands in some way, even in the winter. Get the full patter from The Blue Brick!

4. “Easy Mistake Stitch” scarf


The Purl Bee reminds you that, for some men’s style preferences, you should operate on the mantra “the chunkier, the better”. That’s why we love this pattern so much! It’s made of chunky wool, but it’s also done using a “mistake stitch”, which gives you nice, thick ridges as well.

5. Laptop sweater


Is your loved one a total tech addict who’s never found far from his tablet? Consider knitting something for his favourite gadget instead of for him! We love this funny little tablet turtleneck pattern by Just B Crafty. If his technology is his favourite thing, then he might actually use this more than he would if you made him a sweater!

6. 30-minute drink cozies


Besides looking like funny little bottle sweaters, these drink covers are a quick project that you can make for many people in a short amount of time! They make great stocking stuffers for Christmas and pretty much anyone can use them, but the beer drinkers in your life will probably like them best. Get the quick, easy instructions on Knits by Britt.

7. Matching winter hat and scarf


Does the man in your life need a new hat and a new scarf? Take care of both at once by knitting him a matching set, like this nice one from Bernat. they’re simple enough that you can choose a brighter colour if you think he’d like that, but the stitches also look classic and nice in a neutral shade if that’s more his style.

8. Trestle Hoodie


If you do a simple search of men’s sweater patterns, you’ll usually find a lot of crew neck styles. What if that’s not really what your husband or son prefers to wear? Luckily for us all, Tricksy Knitter offers this great hooded pattern that looks just as smart as the others once it’s on, but still has the good those other sweaters are missing!

9. Knitted golf club covers


Is your dad the kind of man who can almost always be found on the golf green if he’s not at home? Knit him something he’ll actually use! We love these simple golf club covers by Purl Soho and we’d be willing to bet that he’ll love them too.

10. Non-felted slippers


Yuko Nakamura suggests making and gifting these simple slip-on slippers that are great for throwing on in the evening when the temperature cools down a little bit. These are a great opportunity to knit your husband or son something in a crazier colour than he’d usually wear because only his immediate family will see them!

11.”The Boyfriend Scarf”


As evidenced by the name of this awesome pattern, Sew Wrong knows just how many girlfriends knit their boyfriends warm scarves in the winter! We’re crazy about this simple but very masculine pattern and we’re sure he will be too.

12. Par Vest for him


Perhaps you’re aiming to make something a little smarter looking than a hoodie, but still casual enough for comfort? We’re pretty sure that’s the reason knitted vests were invented! This pattern is quite simple to do, particularly if you already have experience knitting vests and sweaters. Check it out on Red Heart!

13. Mustache cup cozy


Very Shannon reminds you how much fun it can be to knit the occasional gag gift! We’re pretty sure this mustache coffee cozy with look hilarious on your husband, brother, or whoever you give it to whether they have an actual mustache of their own or not.

14. Gentleman’s bowtie


Do you like the idea of a knitted tie but you’re pretty sure bow ties are more his style than long ones? Amy B Stitched has you covered with a simple, classy bow tie knitting pattern that he’s sure to love!

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