Fashion & beauty: 15 Wire Jewelry Designs That Will Inspire You To Make Your Own

Creating your own jewelry is rewarding, pretty, and sometimes even profitable. You can make jewelry in different styles and use amazing techniques that elicit diverse looks. Some styles of DIY jewelry, like beautifully twisted wire designs, appear quite complicated but you might be surprised to learn how manageable they really are with a little patience!

Check out these 15 gorgeous wire jewelry designs that make great starter projects (and a few to challenge yourself with too)!

1. Wire heart necklace


This little heart pendant by Byte Sized Pieces might look very complicated, but keep in mind that it’s very much up to your creative interpretation where the crossing pieces go. Wrap them until you’re satisfied with the look!

2. Easy folded wire ring


Jewelry Making Journal teaches you how to create this double folded wire ring with a simple spiral at each end of the wire. You can decide which way the spirals face and how tightly they curl!

3. Swirled ring with pearl beads


Crafting Wire gives you an alternative design of the previous one but with a little extra flair. Make the folded spiral technique even classier by adding a few small beads where it bends.

4. Wire name bracelet


Why Don’t You Make Me

Twisting delicate jewelry wire into the shape of letters isn’t hard, but it does take a lot of patience. Using a pair of jewelry pliers or small needle nose pliers will help you get the right loops and swoops in your letters.

5. Butterfly pendant


Cool2Craft guides you through the process of using jewelry wire and beads to create little butterfly pendants. You might even use thinner or more delicate wire to give the wings some detail!

6. Zen spiral pendant


Jewelry Making Journal suggests winding jewelry wire as smoothly as you can into a spiral in order to make a simple but visually pleasing pendant that will match just about any outfit.

7. Wire lashed bead bangles

Jewelry wire can be used to make other styles of jewelry than solely weaving words and curving lines. Try following in the footsteps of VIEW IN GALLERY

Jewelry wire can be used to make other styles of jewelry than solely weaving words and curving lines. Try following in the footsteps of Rings & Things by using it to attach beads or rhinestones along a bangle.

8. Stone leaf and wire pendant


Jewelry Making Daily walks you through how to use jewelry wire to frame and hold a smoothed or decorative stone in order to create a statement pendant. We love how the stone looks like a leaf with added wire detail.

9. Woven wire bracelet


Cricket Capers suggests using thicker jewelry wire and a larger pair of needle nose pliers to make an edgier design. This idea takes patience, but we love the way the wire weaves over and under itself.

10. Wire wrapped buffed stone pendants


Smaller buffed stones look gorgeous as pendants too! They’re not as convenient for creating designs like the previous pendant with the green leaf pattern, but they look very delicate and pretty wrapped several times around with wire. Instructables shows you how it’s done.

11. Wiggly bent wire earrings


Melodyejoy reminds you how easy using bendy jewelry wire for hanging earrings is because you can simply bend the end of the design into a hook for your ear rather than affixing it to a separate one. Finish the look off by dangling beads from the spiral at the bottom end.

12. Wire wrapped hoops and crystal beads


Designs by Dawn Marie walks you through the process of affixing beads in the middle of linked hoops so that the beads look as though they’re floating in the centre of each.

13. Wire birch leaf earrings


Wire Jewelry gives you the steps for creating a woven leaf earring design completely out of coloured jewelry wire. Careful bending and wrapping lets you overlap the pieces closely together to create the details on the surface of a leaf.

14. Ironwork pendant


Are you ready for a a bit more of a challenge? Create several spiraling shapes with jewelry wire and then use thinner wire to lash them together. Top it off with beads attached in the same wrapped way. Wire Jewelry shows you how to make this pretty square design.

15. Tiny, easy beaded pendants


Are you having trouble deciding what kind of design to make? Skip the choosing process and make all kinds of little pendants instead! We love these simple hearts, suns, and treble clefs on Instructables!

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