Home Idea & Gardening: 15 Classy Ways to Incorporate Neon into Your Home

Neon colours are always a bold choice. Whether your considering adding a splash of highlighter-inspired pigment to your nails, your hair, or your outfit, you know that element of your look will be a statement. Because of this, not many people are brave enough to incorporate neon colours into their home decor. We think that’s a shame!

Check out these 15 bold, bright, and beautiful DIY ways to incorporate neon into your home without scaring your guests away!

1. Neon bathroom set


C2B offers these adorable brightly coloured bathroom sets to hold your soap, toothbrush, and other supplies. We absolutely adore this bright orange! Their bathroom sets are for purchase, but the idea is one that you can certainly turn into a DIY project by purchasing a regular bathroom set and getting creative with bright all-surface paint.

2. Dipped neon plant pots


Proper shows you how to customize regular old plant pots into decorative pieces that create a beautiful neon-to-neutral contrast! Whether you put them out on your balcony or inside the apartment on the side table, they’ll brighten the whole place up.

3. Geometric neon lamp


Make Zine walks you through the process of creating a neon lamp shade by cutting out straight, precise triangular shapes from a sheet of poster board or thing plastic and wrapping it around a hanging lamp. Just make sure you use safe bulbs that won’t heat up! We love that you can choose between a simple layer or more, maybe even in different colours!

4. Neon non-slip hangers


Even the subtlest hint of neon contributes to the room’s bright aesthetic! Brit + Co. shows you how to make neon wrapped wire hangers that won’t let your clothes slip off. They’ll certainly keep your closet looking interesting as well!

5. Neon dipped table legs


Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to add a pop of colour! The Brick House suggests paint-dipping the tips of each table leg on your coffee table in a neon colour to draw the eye every so slightly, without taking over the whole decor scheme.

6. Neon embroidered tea towels


Brit + Co. recommends getting creative with colours on your sewing machine to create custom neon pieces! Using these tea towels in your kitchen adds a little pop of cheerfulness to the room. You can use and neon thread and any lined pattern you want!

7. Neon over-the-door hooks


These clothing hooks from RStyle are actually for purchase, but they’d be quite easy to replicate! Grab some simple plain hooks and some all-surface neon paint and get to altering! We love that they’re a subtle detail but so bright and fun at the same time. You’ll use them every day!

8. Mod neon lamp


Paper & Stitch walks you through the process of upcycling an interestingly textured lamp into a mod decor piece with a little bit of neon paint. It’ll look great if you have other pieces that colour coordinate, but it’ll also look mod and stylish on its own as a unique standout piece.

9. Neon desk clocks


These clocks by Brandon Lenoir are sold out right now, but you could create your own variation! Choose a simple clock and a simple colour scheme. Paint the body a darker colour and the accents, like the hands, the border, and maybe some numbers, a bright neon shade of your choice!

10. Neon and white pottery


Are you an avid tea drinker who loves setting up a tray for when guests come to visit? Even that can count as decor! We love this look from Shop Sweet Things that contrasts clean, stark white and hot pink. It’s very easy to make your own!

11. Neon polka dot tray


Making it Lovely shows you how to create a serving tray full of little neon accents to go with your white and neon tea set! When you’re not serving tea, set it out on the coffee table with magazines people can browse so it becomes part of the room’s colour scheme.

12. Neon edged keepsake boxes


Do you love having many little storage or keepsake boxes around to put small things in and take care of clutter? Those can be incorporated in your colour scheme too! Caught on a Whim shows you how even small details in a room help to create an aesthetic.

13. Neon rope coasters


A Beautiful Mess walks you through the steps for creating these handmade coasters from lengths of white rope with neon yellow accents create from smaller rope. They’ll absorb heat, catch cold condensation, and generally look great.

14. Ombre spray paint bottle vases


Bespoke Bride suggests neon spray paint and clean, upcycled bottles to create cheerful vases or simple sideboard decor. These are quick to make but fantastic to look at each day.

15. Neon rock succulent planters


Jen Lauren Grant‘s alternative planting idea for succulent houseplants makes us feel more cheerful just by looking at the picture! Instead of dirt or plain gravel, spray some rocks with a neon colour and fill the pot for a pop of personality!

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