Home Idea & Gardening: Beautiful and Unique DIY Window Valance Designs

Have you just moved into a new apartment and you’re just about ready to put the finishing touches on your décor? Are your windows looking a little bit exposed and naked without coverings? You can buy plenty of different styles and colours when it comes to decorative curtains and window valances at the home supplies store, but as a DIY enthusiast, you probably also know how much fun it is to make things like that yourself!

Check out these 15 decorative DIY window valance and covering designs that are sure to make your space look cozier and more like home!

1. Fabric covered recycled cardboard valance


If you’ve just moved in, then you probably have access to an abundance of cardboard! Dig into your stash of leftover fabric, grab some of that cardboard, and follow the tutorial on In My Own Style to create this awesomely textured window valance. We love this simple white look with visible stitches, but you could create it in any colour or pattern you have available.

2. Ruffled and tiered floral window valance


Perhaps it’s your daughter’s room that needs a little added character around the windows? This super feminine floral design with tiered layers of ruffled material is an adorable way to give the place a pretty aesthetic. Incorporate it into the overall scheme by choosing fabrics that match the duvet and pillow cases. Check out the pattern on Me and Madeline.

3. Painted and textured wall paper window valance


If you’re looking to add a little bit of visual pattern to the room, try creating a valance covered in textured wallpaper just like All Things Thrifty did! Amp up the pattern by painting the paper a rich colour that complements the rest of your décor scheme within the space.

4. Monogrammed window valance


Classy Clutter guides you through the process of sewing a simple fabric valance, printing a monogram of your choosing, and heat transferring it onto the fabric! The tutorial even gives you tips for selecting, altering, and designing your actual monogram.

5. Tulle and fabric scrap window valance with bows


Does your daughter love bright colours, patterns, and all things fun and girly? This window valance made of tulle, patterned fabric strips, and pretty little bows is the perfect accent for her bedroom. Abby’s Tutu Factory walks you through the simple steps for making one of your own.

6. Intricately patterned no-sew window valance


Do you love the idea of a fabric window valance that really makes a statement but you’re not very confident in your sewing abilities just yet? Take Time for Style has just what you need! When you don’t have to worry about matching thread for seam sewing, it’s easy to work with a fabric that has a very bold design with many colours in it.

7. Pleated, layered window valance with a hanging bow


Are you looking for a valance design that adds some pattern and some personality to your space? This pleated look by BHG gives you that with its tiered layers and simple ribbon tied in a cute bow! We think it would look great in a vintage styled kitchen.

8. Rustic wooden photo transfer valance


Are you hoping for more of a shabby chic style that makes your space look well loved and well lived in? Doing a photo transfer onto a wooden frame makes the space look stylishly rustic, especially if the photo you choose is vintage, which just adds to the aesthetic! Get the full tutorial on Classy Clutter.

9. Draping, pleated floral fabric valance


Is your taste in a décor a little more renaissance, full of deep colours draperies and classic swirling florals? This valance with pleated gathers in the bottom corners will suit your space and your preferences perfectly! Beneath My Heart shows you how it’s done.

10. Bright pink foam core window valance


Do you like the idea of having a more structured window valance that can be dusted off rather than washed in the washing machine or dry cleaned? This foam core valance is the design for you! We love that it looks slightly kitschy and almost cartoonish if you outline the edges in a darker colour of marker, using a ruler to get clean, straight lines. See how it’s done on Little Green Notebook.

11. Weathered barn wood window valance


Do you like the idea of a wooden window valance to create a rustic aesthetic, but the previous options on this list didn’t give you quite enough shabby chic for your liking? This reclaimed barn wood idea from Beauty 4 Ashes might be a little closer to what you’re looking for!

12. Foam based no-sew window valance


Did you like the previous idea of a no-sew window valance, but you’d like an even easier way to get it done? In My Own Style has you covered with this tutorial for creating a structured valance from cut pieces of foam covered in whatever material you like best!

13. Stenciled, shaped wooden valance


Would you rather have a hard valance that keeps the shape it’s cut into rather than bunching material like some of the ruffled or tiered versions? Hunted Interior shows you how to made a cut wooden valance and stencil it to suit your existing décor.

14. Scrap fabric strips and bright bows


Do you love the strips of fabric from the previous little girl’s room design with the tulle and bows, but you’d rather make one that looks a little bit less like a tutu? Try making this alternative version by 36th Avenue instead! You’ll strip more fabric and create more bright bows along the top to make up for the lack of fluffy tulle.

15. Repurposed dishtowel window valances


Were you hoping to merge your DIY window valances into an upcycling or repurposing project? Sand and Sisal shows you how to do just that using a set of old dishtowels!

Time to style your home with custom window valances!

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