Upcycled Ideas: 15 Brilliant Ways to Recycle Mason Jar Lids

If you do a Google search for crafting with mason jars, you’ll find so many fun, unique options for DIY projects that you’ll hardly know where to start! When it comes to the lids, however, some people think they’re far less useful. We beg to differ!

Check out these 15 creative ideas for repurposing mason jar lids.

1. Coloured chalkboard price tag lids


Are you planning on throwing a huge garage sale this summer that you’ll be pricing items for? Do you just want somewhere to leave your family little temporary notes? Mason jaw lids covered in chalkboard paint make the perfect price tags or mini note boards! Check the idea out on Crafting a Green World.

2. Mini mason jar pie pans


Do you absolutely love novelty-sized foods? Are you hosting an event where people might want a grab-and-go style dessert rather than one that needs to be cut and served? Try making mini pies instead of one big pie! Mason jar lids make the perfect tiny pie pans. Get the tutorial on Mason Jar Crafts.

3. Mini mason jar lid picture frames


Sometimes displaying your printed pictures in unconventional ways is the best way to enjoy them! Rather than spending money on novelty picture frames, however, you can make an even more unique display from mason jar lids! Crafting a Green World shows you how.

4. Shabby chic mason jar lid wind chimes


Do you adore the sound of wind chimes in the breeze but you’re not sure buying a set is in your budget right now? You can make your own for much cheaper using the lids from your old, empty mason jars! Just follow the steps on Crafting a Green World.

5. Cute DIY jar lid message garland


Are you looking for a way to create affordable garland that’s completely customizable to your own event? Mason jar lids will help you do that! Ginger Snap Crafts shows you how to make a garland that says just about anything as long as you have enough lids for the message you want!

6. Shabby chic rusted lid door wreath


Are you throwing an event or building a home décor aesthetic that’s completely shabby chic and well lived in? Then you’re probably not looking for DIY décor projects that look brand spanking new! Instead, Funky Junk Interiors suggests that you use mason jar lids strung along a thin rope and looped into a circle to make a rustic door wreath. Bonus shabby points if they’re slightly rusted!

7. Sparkly jar lid keepsake coasters


If you’re throwing a party to mark a special occasion, like an anniversary or graduation, it’s nice to send each person home with a little keepsake to remember the night by! This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to spend a bunch of money on favours. Mom It Forward suggests using mason jar lids to create little themed scenes that will work as coasters but also make cute little decorative memoirs.

8. Musical mason jar lid Christmas ornaments


Are you looking for a way to decorate your Christmas tree without spending lots of money this year? Do you love how Christmas décor looks when it’s reclaimed and repurposed? These little mason jar lid ornaments by Erin Spain are a perfect way to get just the effect you’re looking for! We love this sheet music design, but you might also just paint your own design in holiday colours if you prefer.

9. Black jar lid Halloween wreath


Lolly Jane reminds you that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas or parties! A good custom wreath makes for awesome décor just about any time of year. We love this Halloween design made of mason jar lids that are painted black and adorned with little skull and cross bones flags.

10. Colourful mason jar lid owls


These adorable little owls by All Free Kids Crafts are painted right onto the lid of a mason jar, meaning you can make them look however you please! Once they’re done, they’re also versatile little birds. Use them as coasters, arrange on the wall like collage décor, or stick magnetic strips on the back to make them into fridge magnets!

11. Mason jar monster lids


Do you like the idea of painting your own little character on a mason jar lid to make coasters, magnets, or toys but owls aren’t really your thing? Crafts by Amanda suggests creating little monsters instead! Kids will absolutely love painting their own monster faces!

12. Lace lined jar lid candleholders


Are you hoping to make a delicate candleholder for your freshly decorated space without spending a ton of money? We love the way these little mason jar lid holders by Brightnest look wrapped in a single layer of crocheted lace for flair!

13. Patterned mason jar lid pin cushions


Few things feel quite as good as repurposing something into another thing that you’ll actually use! We love this tutorial by Between Naps on The Porch that teaches you how to transform plain old mason jar lids into practical but adorable pin cushions. Sewing enthusiasts rejoice!

14. Mini collage jar lid collage scenes


Do you love the idea of creating repurposed wall décor or magnets? Then you’ll probably be pretty into these little 3D scenes and collages by Sweet Spots Cards that are actually made in the underside of a mason jar lid. Whether you choose to decoupage pretty letters or fold and glue raised scenes and shapes, your finished product will impress with its attention to detail.

15. Mason jar lid rhinestone ornaments


Mod Podge Rocks suggests transforming your mason jar lids using as much sparkle as humanly possible! Whether your rhinestones are big or small, they’ll certainly be eye catching.

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