DIY & Crafts: Decoupage Crafts the Kitschy-Lover in You Will Adore

Decoupage might seem like an outdated arts and crafts technique to some people, but we prefer to think of it as appealingly kitschy! We also happen to think that decoupage is not only a pretty technique when it’s done right, but that it’s also a really practical one when it comes to making your own affordable decor. That’s probably why it’s making a total comeback!

Check out these 15 decoupage ideas that will have you reaching for your scissors, paper, and glue.

1. DIY layered burlap monogram


Usually decoupage is done with types of paper, but burlap and thicket pieces of card and foam work as well! The key here is that you’re still cutting decorative shapes and layering things. See how these wall decor is done on Hometalk!

2. Decoupage eggs


Whether you’re looking for a more adult version of homemade Easter eggs or you just like the idea of delicately decorated eggs with a vintage look, these newspaper decoupage eggs are the perfect craft for you.  Sew for Soul teaches you how to make them.

3. Decoupage clothes hangers


These beautifully floral decoupage hangers are so simple to make that you’ll hardly believe it. All you need are some glue or Mod Podge, some scissors, and some pretty flowered napkins to cut shapes from! Check out how Craft and Creativity made these ones.

4. Decoupage flower pots


Flower pots are the kind of thing that get even cuter looking with a little bit of wear and tear. Painted pots are the same way. A couple of scuffs makes them look stylishly rustic! You can amp up the style factor, however, by adding a quote in pretty writing. Try cutting words from newspapers or magazines and pasting them across the face of the pot so your favourite flowers and sprout from your favourite sentiments. A Shabby Moment in Time guides you through the steps.

5. Photo decoupage dresser


This project by American Paint Company takes the idea of decoupage to the next level, but in a beautiful way! If you’re looking for a way to upcycle an old piece of furniture, why not consider transforming it into a tribute piece to someone you love by using decoupage techniques and a vintage family photo?

6. Fabric and glass plate decoupage


Believe it or not, paper isn’t the only thing you can decoupage with! Fabric works very well and gives you a thicker, more textured look that appears with fuller coverage. Paper has a little bit of trouble sticking to some glass surfaces, for example, but decoupaging with fabric will allow you to transform an old glass dish set, just like Note Songs did here.

7. Family photo monogram decoupage


If you like the idea of decoupaging with family photos but you’re having trouble deciding on on single feature picture, try this idea from A Little Moore instead! Create a collage on the surface of a wooden letter to make beautifully nostalgic wall art.

8. Inner decoupage treasure box


If you’re anywhere near as nostalgic as we are, then you probably have a keepsake box or two stashed in your apartment somewhere. When they’re full and you need a new one, why not consider making a pretty, decorative one like this? The Feathered Nest suggests decoupaging the inside with sheet music for a gorgeously vintage look.

9. Decoupage filing cabinet


What better way to brighten up the office (or your home office) than by making that big heavy filing cabinet look a little cheerier? Blake, Tigan, & Penn suggests using wallpaper in any design you choose.

10. Mixed media decoupage on canvas


This canvas wall art idea by A Creative Life is a great way to really let your artistic juices flow. Grab supplies of different textures and appearances and get to cutting and sticking! This piece, for example, involves paint, typed text, magazine pictures, sheet music, and glitter.

11. Decoupage journal cover


Are you looking to really make your journal or diary your own, but you feel like drawing on it isn’t your strongest suit? Try making a decoupage collage across the front cover instead! Choose pictures of things you love so it looks like an inspiration board or create a patchwork of interesting patterns like Crafty Texas girls did here.

12. Aluminum foil furniture decoupage


If you’re planning to upcycle some old furniture soon, why not consider giving it a modern twist? Red Hen Home suggests using aluminum foil and we absolutely adore how it looks! Check out their tutorial for a step by step guide.

13. Decoupage wooden furniture upcycling


You could use this technique on any old wooden furniture, but we love how Guide Central‘s tissue paper transformed chair turned out! Besides the chair and the tissue, all you need are  a paint brush, some Mod Podge, and some white gloss paint.

14. DIY decoupage photo blocks


Sometimes it’s nice to find alternative ways to display your family pictures rather than just hanging them in regular frames. Decoupage can help you do that! Somewhere in the Middle shows you how to make these adorable family photo wooden blocks to set around your home.

15. Decoupage ceiling fan


Have you ever been mesmerized by how the blades on a ceiling fan blur as it turns? Imagine how much cooler that will look after you’ve used decoupage to give each blade a little bit of life! Mod Podge Rocks shows you how to add coloured or patterned wallpaper to brighten up your room a little.

Have you created other awesome decoupage projects that we simply must see, but that you don’t see here? Tell us about them in the comments section or link us to a picture of your work!

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