DIY & Crafts: Dream a Little Dream: 9 DIY Dreamcatchers

In Native American culture it is believed that dreamcatchers hung above the bed protect the sleeping person. They catch the nightmares and let good dreams slip through. But dreamcatchers have also become a very popular décor element, one that people have started to be really creative with and don’t stick to just one prototype anymore. Maybe you like them for the way they look, maybe you like them for their special powers. Either way, if dreamcatchers inspire you, take a look at these 9 DIY dreamcatchers that you can make for sweeter dreams or sweeter décor!

1. Doily Dreamcatcher


This doily dreamcatcher carries a certain element of elegance. Because it’s all white, it radiates peacefulness. It won’t only catch the bad dreams, it will also catch everyone’s heart! If you want this gentle and delicate dreamcatcher in your home, Hello May shares the how-to!

2. Scraps Dreamcatcher


Finally, a way to use up all those fabric scraps that are overflowing from all boxes! No more wondering if they’ll ever be useful to you –  Pattern Revolution will tell you all about how you can turn them into an amazing, dreamy dreamcatcher! It’s a great compromise if you’re not a big fan of feathers (or if you own a cat)!

3. Peacock Dreamcatcher


If you want a noticeable dreamcatcher that really stands out, take a look at this beauty by Saving More Than Me. It’s the perfect match for a wild soul! The peacock feathers and the red colors make it totally different and unique! Dare to be the odd bird, one that’s different from the rest of the flock!

4. Modern Dreamcatcher


Here’s a modern dreamcatcher that will add a special touch to any room you place it in. And if you’re craving creativity, go nuts when experimenting with the threads – use different colors, lengths, patterns etc. The blue feathers are the cherry on top, but if you find a crazier color, by all means, go for it! Visit Tuts+ for a full tutorial!

5. Shell Dreamcatcher


Dearest lovers of the sea, this project is for you! This lovely dreamcatcher will always remind you of the wonders our oceans hold and no doubt, if you hang it above your bed, you’ll be dreaming about the sea every single night! Find out how you can make it at February Sky Designs.

6. Simple Dreamcatcher


Maybe you don’t want anything too flashy or too modern, but would instead rather have something simpler. This petite dreamcatcher might be exactly what you’re looking for! It’s  perfect for dorm rooms, because it doesn’t take up much space! If you like what you see, head over to Made in BK and read the instructions.

7. Fall Dreamcatcher


Seasonal things are so precious, because they really help us be in sync with the nature’s changes.  Once fall arrives in your part of the world, do honor it with this dreamcatcher! It’s moon-like, outdoorsy and perfect to look at while you’re enjoying a hot cup of tea! Now that we think about it, you don’t even need to wait for fall; just visit Maptote and follow the tutorial!

8. Classic Dreamcatcher


Perhaps modernized dreamcatchers aren’t your cup of tea and you’d prefer a classic one, staying true to the tradition. This Fashion Is Me has just what you need! You will fall in love with this classic dreamcatcher; it’s simple, yet powerful. Welcome to the tribe of good dreams!

9. Lacy Dreamcatcher


It’s amazing what an embroidery hoop and a little lace can do!  This delicate, lacy dreamcatcher will make everyone envious of your choice of décor! And don’t just stay with the feathers, spice it up and add some tassles and beads and … well, we won’t spoil it for you, read all the details  at Decoist!

Sweet dreams!  

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