DIY & Crafts: Interesting Ways to Repurpose Your Baby’s Old Crib

If your child is ready to transition into a big girl bed, you might want to hang onto their baby crib in case of the possibility of future siblings. If, however, your kids are in their teens and their crib is still sitting deconstructed in your garage, it might be time to think about upcycling that crib into something new you can actually use!

Check out these 15 great ideas for DIY projects that use pieces of your old crib!

1. DIY chalkboard


The Red Kitchen shows you how to make a leaning sidewalk sign out of two crib side panels. Attach them at the top with hinges and paint the centre portion with chalkboard paint. This idea looks adorable outside your boutique business or even a family reunion party.

2. Trunk bench


My Repurposed Life guides you through the process of creating this adorable bench with built in storage under the seat. Keep it while or natural wood the way the crib already was and set it on your porch for the summer or paint it a colour that will match the decor scheme in your front hallway!

3. Garden trellis


Why spend the money on a brand new garden trellis for your plants to climb as they grow when you could make exactly what you need from the side tails of your old baby crib? See how it’s done on From Scratch Club.

4. Jewelry organizer


If you’re anything like us, you have scores of pretty jewelry and nowhere to put it all. This little jewelry cabinet by Infarrantly Creative solves that using the end panels of an old crib! Paint it, give it hinges, and hang it up. Next, fill it up with pretty things!

5. Garden bench


Hard wooden benches aren’t always what people think of when they think indoor decor, but they’re perfect for outside on the patio or porch, or in the garden! We love how this crib bench design by Tater Tots and Jello uses the solid side panels as well as the bars.

6. Wagon


Tidbits shows you step by step how to turn an old crib into a little wagon with a hinged door. This one’s a great idea for if you’ve upgraded from an older or hand-me-down crib to something brand new, but you still have little kids.

7. Herb garden


Filling the bed of an old crib with good plating soil will actually let you build a garden there! Cribs with sides that slide down so you can easily tend to your herbs are especially good for this project. Check it out on Cynthia Weber.

8. Coat rack


Nest Home Interiors

suggests attaching some good metal hooks along the bottom of a crib side to create a coat rack. This one’s especially easy to hang up on the wall if you use a side that has bras.

9. Toddler loft bed


Adriel Booker shows you a design transforming your child’s crib into a toddler-sized loft bed. This lets your child transition safely into a full-sized bed but still involves protective bars around the sides while they get used to it. It also gives you extra storage underneath!

10. Animal coop


The Happier Homemaker walks you through the steps for making a larger crib repurposing project that’s great if you’re a little more handy with tools. Whether you own rabbits or chickens, this little coop will get them a cozy home.

11. Craft organizer


Crafty Nest reminds you how useful the bars on the side of a crib can be for hanging things. For example, this craft organizing rack has baskets and containers that hook easily along the bars so you can reach out and grab what you need any time.

12. Magazine and book rack


We love this idea for a homemade book or magazine rack created from pieces of an old crib. You can paint it any colour you like and it’ll look adorable in the play room piled high with kids’ books. Check it out on DIY Home Sweet Home.

13. Memo board


You don’t have to use complete panels of the crib in order to upcycle it in a practical way. For example, you can use the legs or edging panels to create this little note board by The Handmade Home.

14. Headboard


Fake It Frugal teaches you how to use the head and foot boards of an old crib to create a homemade headboard for a full-sized bed. This will look good in basically any bedroom, whether it’s yours or your kids’ room once they’ve grown out of the crib.

15. Pull down drying rack


Do you love the idea of using the bars of an old crib to hang things from, but you don’t need any of the other things on this list that put those bars to good use? Try this clothing drying rack by My Repurposed Life instead! Their tutorial walks you through the process of making the wall rack one that pulls down for easy storage.

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