DIY & Crafts: Nail Trends: Geometric Manicures for That Chic, Urbane Look!

Every once in a while, a nail trend comes through the magazines that we just completely fall in love with. Well, actually, we love most nail designs, but this latest trend is particularly cool! Have you seen pictures of geometric manicures yet? If not, you need to! If you can get your hands on a few different colours and some tape, you’re set!

Check out these 15 amazing geometric manicure designs that will have you ready to start creating one of your own immediately!

1. The Simple geo manicure by Brit + Co.


Are you looking for a simple design to start practicing geometric polish with? Try this triangular nail bed pattern! Two overlapping strips of tape are all you need to paint the triangle on top of your base colour. Just make sure everything is full dry before you stick anything down or tip anything up!

2. Two blues and taupe by Fashion Squad


Reverse the look above by adding colour on the tip and neutral on the base! You can make the look a touch fancier by using two different shades of blue overlapping at the top rather than just one peaking colour.

3. Frosted gold and mint by Best Friends for Frosting


Mint and light, frosted gold look absolutely gorgeous together! Try adding a neutral colour like light taupe or sandstone to create some contrast. If you’re feeling very detailed, nail stickers in a shiny gold leaf will break up the colours very nicely!

4. Linear equation manicure by Brit + Co.


Sometimes simple is best! Try placing tape so that you can create two thing, straight lines across your nail near the top. No matter which colours you choose, this will create a detailed but simple contrast.

5. Black and white double chevron by Primp and Polish


Do you like the look of the thin lines above but feel like you need a little more flair? try this outlined chevron pattern instead! It takes some precision, but the neat final effect is totally worth it.

6. Shades of purple on Repeat Possessions


Purple is our absolute favourite colour, so you can imagine how much we love this look! Choose different shades and a couple contrasting colours to create a chunky blocking effect. If you want it to be particularly neat looking, add a matte top coat!

7. Green triangles on a gold background by Beauty School Dropouts


These green triangles are definitely geometric, but they also remind us of little minimalist Christmas trees. Try this pattern now or bank it for the winter when you’re getting glam for Christmas parties!

8. Golden ratio manicure by Brit + Co.


Remember those simple lines we loved so much? Fan them out and add some gold glitter and they get even cooler! The glitter lines will show up especially well if you put them on a black background.

9. Blocked black, white, and grey by Kerruticles


Remember the overlapping blue tipped design from above? You can do that with any colour you like! Here’s a more neutral palette in the same shape, in case your job would prefer that you don’t wear blue nails.

10. Black, red, and silver diagonal manicure by I Can Do That


Diagonal lines are probably the most useful thing when it comes to geometric nails. We love how this design involves the same pattern and the same three colours all the way across, but in different combinations so that each one looks different!

11. Geometry lesson manicure by Brit + Co.


This technique takes patiences, but painting a thin white line between each coloured section makes the colours and shapes stand out more. This lets you use more shades to create an ombre effect without having all the colours blend into each other.

12. Earthy geometrics by Christine Redmon


If you love the shapes in the design above but you’re not such a fan of very bright manicures, you can do the same thing in earthy tones instead! The thing white lines still create great colour separation that keeps things looking clean and modern.

13. Simple dark squares by Canadian Living


Geometric patterns don’t have to be complicated as long as they’re neat and straight. We love how clean and simple these dark little squares look. They’re perfect for adding a bit of trendy style to a more formal look.

14. Burgundy with gold lines by Adjusting Beauty


If you’re loving black and gold right now but the fanned pattern we listed isn’t quite your style, try this lined pattern instead! Keeping the lines on the edge and the centre mostly black creates a different geometric aesthetic.

15. Busy, colourful lines and spaces by Dressed Up Nails


If you have the time and the patiences, go all in! This design has shapes, lines, colours, and reversed contrasts. Some might call it busy, but we think it’s perfect for a modern look!

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