Home Idea & Gardening: DIY Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

Are you looking to update your space without getting too modern? Do you feel like your personal style gears towards a more classic aesthetic than some decor you see? You’ll love your space the most if you build yourself a vintage look! Genuine antiques, however, can be very expensive and hard to find in your particular tastes. That’s where your DIY skills save the day!

Check out these 15 ideas for creating your own pieces that replicate a classic, vintage feel without the high price!

1. Vintage suitcase cabinets


Apartment Therapy walks you through the process of creating your own cabinet storage from old suitcases from a garage sale, a thrift store, or even your own home storage. Whether you insert a mirror and use the cabinet to store makeup or set up some crafting supplies there, you’ll love having some extra storage that fits your beautiful vintage decor scheme.

2. Flat vintage suitcase shelves


Do you love the idea of incorporating vintage suitcases into your vintage decor scheme, but you’re looking for actual shelving rather than cabinet style storage? This second tutorial from Apartment Therapy shows you a different way to do it so it looks like suitcases are sticking right out of your walls!

3. Vintage suitcase side table


In case you haven’t had enough of the versatile and affordable vintage suitcase idea yet, here’s another! Cupcakes and Cashmere shows you how to stack the suitcases to create an adorable side table for the bedroom or living room.

4. Rustic chic mail sorter


This DIY faux rustic pieces from Beyond the Picket Fence is the perfect way to add some stylish weathering to your space even if it’s a brand new home. We love the down home feel it gives an entry way, and it’ll also keep the place organized and clutter free!

5. Suitcase vanity case with hooks


Did you like the original suitcase cabinet idea but what you really need is more space to hang towels or hair appliances? Design Sponge has you covered with this equally easy DIY design.

6. Vintage dresser wine cabinet


Even if the old dresser you have access to isn’t a genuinely vintage piece, there are plenty of DIY ways to intentionally distress it so it looks like the real thing. This tutorial from DIY Remodeling Pins walks you through the process of altering how an old dresser looks and removing the drawers in favour of wine racks.

7. Vintage funnel candle holders


This post from Charming Recycling is written in Norwegian, but Google Translate will take care of that for you! We love the idea of turning old tin funnels into candle holders by turning them upside down and fitting the candles into the end of the spout.

8. Colour tinted jars and bottles


Are you looking for just a few simple touches to add to a room that’s already vintage in decor? These DIY old-time looking bottles are the perfect way to add a worn but classic touch to your sideboard or kitchen. Learn how to tint new glass to look like old glass on Fancy That Design House & Co.

9. Distressed mini palette coasters


This idea from Pinterest is as simple as it is cute! These little coasters are made from stacking popsicle sticks that have been sanded to look like a small palette that’s been lightly worn.

10. Old bowls and tins tiered stand


If you’re looking for a cute but vintage DIY solution for storing jewelry, cosmetics, or craft supplies, check out these tutorial by Knick of Time. This tiered stand is made from a few blocks of wood between vintage bowls and baking tins.

11. Vintage picture frames


Actual vintage picture frames aren’t always easy to come by, but you can make your own to match the rest of your decor scheme! Martha Stewart teaches you how to create your own vintage looking frames from new ones or any that you might have lying around.

12. Vintage lace dresser


This is one of our favourite ways to alter newer furniture so it has a more vintage look! Design, Innovate, Create shows you how to stencil the surface of the dresser using lace and spray paint.

13. Wooden crate ottoman


We love the way this slightly distressed wooden crate contrasts with the pretty patterned material of the ottoman cushion! Check out how easily you can make it by following the steps on Jennifer Designs.

14. Painted antique signs


These hand painted signs by Miss Mustardseed are a cute way to make your kitchen or laundry room resemble a vintage store. Customize the wording or design how you please, but check out the tutorial to see which techniques make them look stylishly worn rather than shiny and freshly painted!

15. Rolling storage from vintage wooden crates


Wouldn’t It Be Lovely teaches you how to transform old crates into a super useful storage solution with wheels! The old style logos will fit right in with your vintage aesthetic.

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