DIY & Crafts: 9 Cool and Easy Denim Projects to Make to Transform You and Your Home!

Denim is a long lasting material that is great to not just wear, but also make recycled items from. Over the years denim has remained a fashionable item that millions of people wear everyday. But we take a completely different look at denim today as we focus on the gorgeous DIY crafts that you can use it for. Check out our list of denim crafts that you can make this weekend, for a trendy look that won’t go out of fashion… Ever!

1. Denim Pencil Can


Who says a pencil can has to be boring? Well Crafts by Amanda don’t think they have to be and have gone above and beyond to demonstrate that. This funky denim pencil can is certainly an easy and super-cool DIY project that everyone in your family would enjoy.

2. Recycled Denim Clutch


Every girl needs a clutch purse to go out with, but instead of shopping for one, why not make your own clutch out of denim? If you’ve got an old pair of jeans or a pair with holes in them you can easily recycle them to make yourself something unique. This is what Isn’t That Sew did to create this beautiful clutch.

3. Denim Earrings


If you’ve been thinking that it would be nice to make your own earrings, but have never managed to get around to it, now is the time to start. These lovely denim earrings by Beading Gem are stylishly cool and will make a great addition to your lineup of original accessories.

4. Blue Denim Whale


Why not make your kids an adorable toy that they will love cuddling up with? You can do this yourself with some old denim you no longer wear by transforming it into this amazing blue denim whale from Black Oak Vintage.

5. Denim Flowers


Expand on your crafting skills by making your own denim flowers out of old denim clothes and amaze your friends and family. These flowers by Between the Lines are great to make and will look even more lovely when pinned on.

6. Patchwork Denim Pillow


If you love pillows you’re going to love this patchwork denim pillow design from La Casa de Crafts. Place it with pride on your sofa for everyone to see!

7. Denim Heart Bookmark


If you love reading, but never seem to have a bookmark when you need it, it might be time to make your own. This simple and quick to make denim heart bookmark from The Cheese Thief definitely stands out from the pack.

8. Denim Wallet


Why spend lots of money on a wallet when you can just as easily make one yourself? This design from The Reformatory showcases a beautifully crafted wallet that makes use of denim in a fun and creative fashion.

9. Denim Floor Mat


Make yourself a floor mat out of old denim jeans and marvel at how simple it is to make your own mat instead of paying a fortune to get something similar from the shop. This handy DIY creation from Instructables is a super cool design that won’t take all that long to make either.

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