DIY & Crafts: 9 DIY Teepees For You And Your Kids

Teepees have always been a fun place to play in and a safe place to hide in – just what every kid needs! Here are some wonderful ideas for simple teepees that you can make together with your kids! But because we’re all still young at heart, and some of us didn’t have teepees growing up, we squeezed in some teepees for adults as well!

Here are 9 ideas that will help you make the teepee of your (kid’s) dreams!

1. No-Sew Teepee


This lovely teepee is perfect for outdoor activities during warm days or summer nights! Grab some flashlights and organize a camping style sleepover! If you like what you see, find out how Angie Diersman made this teepee happen. Hint: there is absolutely no sewing required!

2. Four Sided Teepee


If your little ones want a great hiding place you can treat them to this four sided, tent-like teepee. It’s very neutral and blends into its surroundings perfectly, making it impossible to ever grow tired of it! You can find the instructions at Thrifty and Chic.

3. PVC Teepee


You don’t need wooden poles to make a teepee! Thanks to Project Nursery, we learned that just purchasing a few PVC pipes and wrapping them in some contact paper does the trick. The end result looks sweet and legit – and when it rhymes, you know it’s the real deal!

4. Chic Teepee


Hello chic! If you need a décor element that is also useful and will keep your kids busy, you’ve just found your new best friend. This teepee by Nalle’s House will do its job like nothing else! And at the end of a long day, you can sit inside with a glass of wine, treating both the kid and the adult part of yourself!

5. Pet Teepee


Your kids may not be the only ones who would enjoy a teepee. Your pets might love one as well! Perhaps your puppies and kittens are like your children already. In that case, it is still a teepee for your (furry) kids. But we should warn you … this type of kids will not want to help you make it! See how Ann Le conquered the task!

6. Lounge Teepee


It doesn’t have to be complicated to look amazing. Spell Designs knows what we’re talking about. This teepee is incredibly simple to make and is perfect for lounging, watching TV or reading a good book!

7. Indoor Teepee


One of the many perks of having an indoor teepee is being able to use it in any weather! Meaning, your kids will still have a place to play in and won’t feel too hyper on those gloomy, rainy days. If you like this indoor idea, you can find the tutorial at The Merry Thought!

8. Girly Teepee


Not all little girls wish for castles; some dream of bohemian teepees! This adorable teepee from The Pinto Pony has it all: it’s girly, pink and sparkly. Kids misplace a lot of presents while growing up, but this is the one she will always want to hold on to!

9. Colorful Teepee


Any lover of DIY projects knows that eventually, we run into a dilemma of what to do with all of the leftover fabric. Well, how about use it for a teepee? This one will cost you only seven dollars and you’ll put all of the fabric to a good use and it’ll be the most colorful teepee on the block! Visit The Handmade Home to read the details.

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