DIY & Crafts: 12 Totally Unique Easter Egg Decorations

This Easter, surprise your loved ones with decorated eggs like they’ve never seen before! It’s time to let the creativity loose and explore what else is out there that you’ve never tried before! Include your children into the process as you all unlock your inner Michelangelo and try out these amazing, unusual and totally unique Easter egg decorations! Enjoy!

1. Robin Eggs


Do you like red cabbage? No? Well, after this DIY project, you’ll love it! It is exactly the thing you need to color the eggs in this beautiful robin color. See the magical process at Honestly Yum!

2. Moss Covered Easter Eggs


If you’re not impressed by paint or other classic egg décor, you can try out this fun and unique idea that will bring a little nature into your home. Cover the egg with moss! Find out how at Love Grows Wild.

3. Googly-Eyed Eggs


You may find them a little creepy, but your kids will find them funny! Forget the bunnies, try these cyclops-looking eggs instead! But do make sure you fill them with some candy, so that the creepy effect eventually wears off! Tally’s Treasury has the in-depth tutorial.

4. Sprinkle Easter Egg


Now it’s official: you really can put sprinkles onto anything! Studio DIY will tell you how to make this epic egg that can brighten up every Easter table. Any reason to buy sprinkles is a good reason!

5. Galaxy Easter Egg


It honestly doesn’t get any cooler than this. Our universe is vast and full of secrets, as is our own creativity! So put it into this breath taking project by Dream A Little Bigger and create these amazing, galaxy themed eggs that you’ll want to keep forever!

6. Mosaic Eggs


These cracked eggs by Say Not Sweet Anne are so easy to make, you’ll only need 4 things! They’re special and fun to look at, bringing dynamic to your Easter décor! They’ll also entertain the children, as they’ll wonder how the cracks came to be!

7. Gold Leaf Eggs


If you want your Easter eggs to stand out and look super special, just wrap them into some gold and you’ve already done the most important part! This is also a great last minute idea (you know, when relatives call to say they’re 10 minutes away but your table is still not ready), so head over to Little Inspiration to get a lot of inspiration!

8. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs


You’ll need to keep some pictures from the making-of this project, because once you’re done, nobody will believe you there was an actual shaving cream involved. This is another one of those last minute I-forgot-to-buy-coloring-essentials projects and you’ll be happy to read more details at Crafty Morning.

9. Silhouette Eggs


If you’re looking for something more sophisticated you definitely have to try out these silhouette eggs! The black and white combination is always a safe bet, so head over to Jennuine and see how you can make your own!

10. Marbled Indigo Eggs


For this project, all you have to do is let your favorite nail polish work its magic. Yup, it’s that simple. And you know very well that your precious nail polish has a strong game! These indigo eggs by Alice & Lois will enchant absolutely everyone!

11. Emoji Easter Eggs


Emojis run the world. Whether the younger generations can communicate without them is still up for debate, so surprise them this Easter with emoji eggs! You’ll definitely score some points with them. Maybe then they’ll actually remember your birthday! Find the tutorial at Studio DIY!

12. Typography Easter Eggs


Another idea for the cool kids, but one that probably isn’t too suitable for grandma. Decorate your Easter eggs with your favorite hashtags, or have your teenage kids do it for you. The funnier, the better. Lovely Indeed knows what’s up! #Blessed


We’re wishing you the happiest upcoming Easter holiday! May it be filled with uniquely decorated eggs and infinite amounts of chocolate rabbits!!

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