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DIY & Crafts: Color, Pattern and Creativity: Stylish Patchwork Pillows

DIY Decor that is handmade can quickly turn a house into a home, adding instant charm and character to an interior that is simply missing from the plethora of factory-made furniture. If you have always wanted to make your own pillows, but have never managed to get around to creating one, now is the time. Check out the amazing selection we have for you. These trendy and creative patchwork pillows add color, pattern and a whole lot more!

1. Funny Patchwork Pillow


To make your own unique patchwork pillow that looks like one bought from your favorite decor store, try out this lovely design from Curious and Catcat. This intricately done patchwork pillow brings a refined and elegant look to your living room or bedroom without costing you a fortune.

2. Patchwork Heart Pillow


Add some love to your home this year by making your own patchwork heart pillow. This design from Imagine Gnats will certainly test your sewing skills, but you’ll be proud of the final product as your friends start marveling at this cute, custom piece.

3. Patchwork Photo Pillow


What better way to showcase the love for your family than by creating a patchwork pillow with their photos? This design by Polka Dot Chair is a stylish patchwork pillow cushion that will certainly delight your friends and family. It’s also a great way of framing pictures without using boring picture frames!

4. Patchwork Round Pillow


Throw caution to the wind when it comes to pillows and make your own round patchwork pillow! This idea comes from Charpology, who designed a lovely pillow with pretty floral prints that will certainly brighten up any room in your home.

5. Patchwork Floor Pillow


If you love nothing more than sitting on the floor with a good book, but never seem to have a pillow at hand to make it more comfortable, then you need to make this patchwork floor pillow from Twinkle and Twine. This delightfully colorful pillow combines energetic hues with plenty of comfort and class.

6. Accent Patchwork Pillow


Who says that you need to spend a lot on pillows when you can make one at a fraction of the cost yourself? Check out these smart accent patchwork pillows from Smart Girl Style and get started with your own! Allowing you to pick from a wide range of fabrics and patterns, it is hard to go wrong with these plush, beautiful delights.

7. Simple Patchwork Pillow


If your sewing skills are not as good as you think, you can still make yourself a patchwork pillow that will amaze everyone. This simple patchwork design by Apartment Therapy is the perfect option for beginners and it will also help refine your DIY skills.

8. Patriotic Patchwork Pillow


Add some patriotism to your home this year by creating this patriotic patchwork pillow from The Sewing Rabbit. These colors also work well in beach and coastal style interiors!

9. Striped Patchwork Pillow


For a patchwork pillow that is slightly different, check out this design from Creative Live. Instead of using patches to make a pillow they have used stripes to create a chic and smashing pillow. If you’re not confident about your patchwork skill set just yet, why not try this approach instead?

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