DIY & Crafts: 10 Gorgeous Baby Crocheted Hats

Keep baby’s head warm this winter with these adorable crocheted hats you can make in a weekend. Super easy to make these designs will make the perfect additions to your baby’s wardrobe this season.

1. Semi-Handmade Mohawk Beanie



Okay, so while you might not be knitting this hat, it’s still a super cool design to make for your children. They’ll love running around with their very own Mohawk beanie hat. To make your own, check out This Mama Makes Stuff.

2. Where’s Waldo?

VIEW IN GALLERYWhere’s Waldo Baby crochet hat

Crochet your child the perfect Where’s Waldo hat that they are sure to love. This design is easy to make and will keep those winter chills away. To make your own, check out Repeat Crafter Me.

3. Lightening McQueen Hat


Does your child love cars? Then this Lightening McQueen hat is the one for you. This is the perfect hat for them to dress up in while keeping their head warm at the same time. Check out Twin Dragonfly Designs for more information.

4. Crocheted Football Hat


If you’re a fan of American football you’re going to love this next design we have for you. Keep your little baby boy or girl warm with this super cosy hat that is sure to get everyone going crazy over them. Check out Jenny and Teddy for more information.

5. Bear Girl


How adorable does this cute hat look? For an easy design to make that you’ll be able to finish in no time at all, why not check out Hanni Craft for more information. This is the perfect design if you’re just getting into crocheting too.

6. Cable Slouchy Beanie


This is an adorable hat for any child that will definitely keep them looking warm and chic. Not only that, but if you love it when your child matches with what you’re wearing you can also make an adult version of this hat too. Check out All About Ami to find out more.

7. Monsters Inc. Sulley Crochet Hat


Do you love Disney films? Does your child have a favourite Disney character? Maybe they liked the Monsters Inc. films when they came out and enjoyed the warm-hearted monster known as Sulley. Well, now you can make their very own hat as Sulley from the film. Check out Hopeful Honey for more information.

8. Dino Hat with Cape



What an adorable hat and cape set this is. This is sure to keep the chill off your baby and will make them too adorable that you’ll want them to wear it all the time. To make your own, check out Snovej.

9. Newborn Hat


For your newborn baby keeping them warm is very important and that all starts with their head. Instead of buying them a hat, why not make their first handmade hat that will have more meaning and value to it. Check out Projects Around the House for more information.

10. Fox Hat


To make a fun hat that has character behind it, check out The Stitch in Mommy to crochet your own fox hat for your child. This hat looks like it has been bought out of the shop, but you can remain satisfied knowing that you made it all yourself.

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