DIY & Crafts: Fun DIY Owl Crafts for Your Kids

Owls are so cute! These wise birds are incredibly popular right now, so why not make owl-patterned decor and accessories for your children and watch the delight on their faces? They are easy to make and an absolute joy as well, so why not get underway and make these delightful birds that will add color and creativity to your household!

1. Owl Renovation


If you have some owl figures in your home, why not think about giving them a makeover to give them a new lease of life? These glittery owls from Eryn With a Y are super stylish and will add instant colour to your home. They also are super-quick to craft and will be the perfect DIY project to get your kids involved too!

2. Decorative Nursery Pillow


Who doesn’t love snuggling up to a pillow? Everyone has a favourite pillow that they love, so why not make your children their own pillows that they can snuggle up to when they are going to bed. Check out this cool design from Bug A Boo City for more information.

3. Owl Burlaps


This no-sew project is perfect if you happen to have no sewing skills, and is super quick to do as well. They look like puppets, but these owls will make a great addition to your children’s bedroom wall if you want to add some character to their room. Check out Kids Craft Room for more information.

4. Owl Plushies


What girl doesn’t love getting a doll to play with as they grow up? These amazing owl dolls from Adventures in Making are a fantastic creation and will certainly be treasured.

5. Owl Mobile


Give your little bundle of joy their own owl mobile this year by following this pattern from Craft Passion. They will enjoy watching the owls flying above their crib!

6. Wooden Owl


This wooden owl from Crafts by Amanda will definitely bring some cheer to your home and will make a delightful addition to your home too. Let your creativity run free as you update a wooden owl into something special.

7. Amigurumi Owl


These crocheted owls are a delight to make and will make an awesome feature in your home too. Check out this idea from Little Things Blogged to get an idea as to how you can make your own for your home today.

8. Cork Owl


Who knew you could do so much with a simple bottle cork? Check out this funky creation from Happy Hooligans, who used two corks to turn them into creative owls. What better way to recycle a bottle cork than to use it for something creative. These cork owls are a delight to make and will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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