DIY & Crafts: Homemade Party Favors for Kids That Won’t Get Tossed in the Trash

Birthday party goody bags are a cherished tradition in many social circles, but growing numbers of parents are rebelling against cheap plastic party favors that will get tossed in the trash shortly after the event. The next time your little one is ready to celebrate his or her special day, why not treat your guests to fun and useful DIY party favors?

Handmade Journals and Colored Pencils


Handmade journals and a few colored pencils tied with twine make for an inexpensive party favor that encourages kids to draw or write long after the party has passed. Learn more about this project at Waldorf Moms.

Clipboard and Crayons


Pair mini clipboards, printed coloring sheets, and crayons together for a party favor that parents and kids alike will love. This idea is courtesy of Something Turquoise.

Play Dough Party Favors


Combine assorted colors of homemade play dough with cookie cutters and tiny rolling pins for a DIY party favor that’s sure to please. Learn more at Creative Party Blog. (You may also want to check out our roundup of Homemade Play Dough Recipes for additional info.)

Glitter Slime Party Favors


Even kids who say they’re too old for play dough love playing with glitter slime. Learn how to make this sticky and sparkly concoction, as well as the mini monster storage jars, over at The 36th Avenue.

Bubble Party Favors


This DIY party favor is as frugal as it is adorable. Fill a decorated glass jar with homemade bubble solution, then add a homemade bubble wand created from a pipe cleaner. Get the details at A Bubbly Life.

Bookmark Party Favors


Homemade bookmarks that match your party’s theme are a fun yet educational party favor, especially if your budget allows for you to include a book as part of the goody bag. Get the printable to make these Dr. Seuss themed bookmarks at That’s My Letter.

Pinwheel Party Favors


Homemade pinwheels are another easy DIY project that is affordable and appeals to a wide range of children. Learn more at Practically Functional.

Gum Ball Jars


Decorate empty jars with painted lids and dollar store plastic animals, then fill the jars with colorful gumballs for a party favor that’s sure to please. Pink Pistachio has the details.

Chocolate Legos


Edible Legos are a fun treat that’s guaranteed to get an A+ for creativity. Package them in cellophane bags or clear glass jars to showcase their gorgeous colors. Learn more at Bargain Mums.

Homemade Lollipops


These colorful rainbow lollipops are a snap to create using Jolly Rancher candy as the secret ingredient. Cluster together several with a ribbon bow for a festive yet inexpensive party favor. Bitz & Giggles has the details. (You can find more lollipop recipes in our Homemade Gourmet Lollipops Upgrade a Classic Child’s Treat roundup.)

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