DIY & Crafts: 7 DIY Body Scrubs to Create a Natural Glow

Winter weather can damage your skin, which is why it’s important to take care of it during the colder months. What girl doesn’t love nice smelling bath treats? What girl doesn’t love making her own nice smelling bath treats while saving a few pennies in the process? There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing what you’re putting on your body has been made with natural products by your own hands.

We’ve put together a selection of the best body scrubs that are certain to give your body the best start to the New Year.

1. Lavender Salt Scrub


There’s nothing more fragrant than lavender, so naturally a lavender salt scrub had to be on our list of body scrubs. This scrub is sure to cure your dry skin and is super easy to make. You can find all the steps to creating your own lavender salt scrub at Queenie and the Dew.

2. Rosemary Lemon Salt Scrub

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When it comes to making your own body scrub this is sure to go down a treat and will certainly give you the glow to your skin that you’re after. Salt is a natural exfoliate, thyme contains amazing antioxidants, and lemon is a natural skin carer turning you into a glowing beauty. It doesn’t require many ingredients and takes about five minutes to make: perfect. Find out what you need through Food + Words.

3. Tomato Sugar Scrub

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Who knew that you could do more with tomatoes then simply eat them? Well, it seems you can also make facial scrubs with them too. I’ll never look at a tomato the same again and is one I’ll be trying out this weekend. All you need is a tomato and organic sugar. Find out how to make yours with a video tutorial at Glue and Glitter.

4. Coffee Scrub


There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee. Even if you don’t drink it the smell alone is enough to give you an instant spring in your step. So what would a coffee scrub do for the body then? This simple scrub will definitely provide the alertness you and your body need to get through a hectic lifestyle. Find out how to make your own at Whole Living.

5. Rose Scrub


If you have inflamed or sensitive skin then this rose scrub is worth a try as rose essential oil works by soothing sensitive and inflamed skin. This scrub also makes an ideal gift with the addition of rose petals. Try your hand at making your own scented body scrub at Natural Living Mamma.

6. Luxurious Sugar Scrub


This simple to make body scrub is the ideal addition to your bathroom and is the perfect starter to those just starting out making their own body scrubs. All you need is sugar, preferably organic sugar, oil, and optional essential oils of your choice. Discover how to make your luxurious sugar scrub at Wellness Mama.

7. Banana Sugar Scrub


You’re sure to go bananas over this facial scrub! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, but seriously this is one scrub that you’ll want to try out this year. It’s great for moisturising dry skin and contains a wealth of antioxidants and nutrients for your skin. So next time you see your bananas getting past their prime, don’t throw them out. Instead find out how to make your own banana sugar scrub at I Am Not the Babysitter.

Which one is your favorite?

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