DIY & Crafts: Copper Creativity: DIY Penny Desk that Steals the Show!

Have you ever stumbled across one of those super-cool coffee tables that is covered in pennies and wondered if you could also get one of those? We surely have and the awesome DIY project on showcase today gets it done in style! It is time to craft your own DIY penny desk that looks absolutely stunning thanks to its custom copper glint.


The best part is that you can use the same technique for creating a penny-topped coffee table or even a truly unique dining table that is far less formal than the one you have. So let’s get started with the DIY penny work desk –

Materials You Need:

  • $25 Penny Box or a whole lot of pennies
  • Tarnish remover
  • Wooden Desk
  • Glue
  • Bar Top Epoxy
  • Blow Torch and some Clamps

Crafting one of these tables is not an overnight affair and it will take considerable amount of time and effort. But spread the process across a week or two in your spare time and it will seem a lot easier. Start off by shining the pennies with tarnish remover and then use the glue to meticulously stick them to the top of your table surface.



You can choose to shine some and then leave some as they are to give some cool contrast to the table surface. Bending some of the pennies for the table edge is a tricky part and if you are not comfortable with it, leave it out. Your penny table will still look equally amazing without this added touch.

Once the pennies are in place, it is time to put the epoxy resin on top. Epoxy coating will take a few days to cure, so it is best to carry out the project in an area of the home with minimal dust or chance of disturbance. Now bring out the blow torch to get rid of the air bubbles on the epoxy surface and you are almost done.


Give the table a couple of days and you have your amazing penny desk. You can check out the full guide with additional pictures at Epbot and use the same process to craft an awesome penny coffee table as well. Good Luck!

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