DIY & Crafts: DIY Crochet Socks Help You Fight The Winter Cold

When the winter cold strikes we all just have one mission: staying warm. But it is impossible to do so if our feet are freezing cold. We want them to be warm and cozy, so that we can fight the low temperatures and not catch a cold or get sick.

Take a look at these wonderful DIY crochet socks and try them out! Your feet will thank you and the winter won’t have anything on you anymore!

Knee High Boot Socks


Go big or go home! Keep your legs warm all up to the knee; it is both effective and trendy. Pair them up with actual boots and look flawless while staying comfortable and warm! Ball Hank n’ Skein shares the pattern!

Cozy At Home


There’s nothing better than sitting comfortably on your couch, drinking hot tea, watching how the snow is falling outside, your feet being warmed by the most comfortable socks ever. If they look super cute at the same time – it’s a win! Red Heart gives you the pattern for these amazing, colorful, warm and soft socks!

Top Down Socks


If you’re looking for socks that look a bit more simple and subtle, meet your perfect match. Find the pattern at Cobbler’s Cabin and very soon you’ll have these beauties warming your feet!

Fiery Socks


Winters can become gray and gloomy, so why not add some colors into your life by making yourself these warm socks that also happen to look fiery? Yarnspirations has a free pattern – these socks will warm up your feet just like a fireplace would!

Lake Town Socks


It seems like the cold temperatures are the perfect excuse not to exercise, but that’s far from the truth. Where there’s a will, there is a way! Spice up those yoga socks by making these knee-high socks by Julie Aakjær for the extra freezing days! They will keep you warm and you won’t have any excuse anymore to skip out on exercise – sorry!

Comfort Rib


Honestly, these ones look like they’re straight from a sock commercial! The rib spices otherwise very simple gray socks. Because of their neutral color, they can be paired with many other garments so it doesn’t matter if you’re staying at home or going out, they will serve you well! Head over to Drops Design to find the free pattern!

Polka Dot Popcorn Socks


How cute are these?! Pretty sure the Little Red Riding Hood would have loved to have these on her stroll through the woods! Free Crochet offers you a free pattern for these comfy socks that are as warm as they are fun to look at!

Vee Socks


Another colorful and dynamic idea, brought to you by Kimberly Lewis. Finally an excuse to buy all that colorful yarn you’re always eyeing in the store!

Blue Tweed


Get some really chunky yarn for this one, see the pattern at Talking Crochet, and get busy! You will soon be a proud owner of these mesmerizing blue socks! And if you are generally more of a summer person, they will also provide you with an extra comfort, because they’ll totally make you daydream about the seaside!

Colorful Socks


Last but not least, another idea from Red Heart! Let’s be honest, there’s never enough colorful ideas! Anything to brighten up the winter! See how many different colors you can use and play around with the order! Make it rainbow-like or just pick them at random! As long as you’re having fun, the socks will be warm – that is the secret ingredient!

Hopefully you’re beyond ready to fight the winter cold now! We also hope none of the patterns gave you cold feet – pun fully intended! You are a capable god(ess) of crafting, so use these cold days to make a little treat for your feet!

We wish you happy crocheting and very warm feet!


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